What do you think about my laptop choice?



Hi guys,

Do you know some other site than compusa.com that I can search and order a laptop online?

This is what I found on compusa.com:


What do you guys think, is it a good choice?


everything but the amount of ram you get, 256mb, and the graphics power you get 16mb sounds good. You havent said what it’s going to be used for. For watching the odd dvd, surfing the net, using word, this should be fine. Not exactly the greatest for more demanding stuff like photoshop, encoding/transcoding etc. But I might be off here, i am not that familiar with pentium M processors.


Intel Pentium 4 M is something entirely different from Intel Pentium M.
While Intel Pentium 4 M is a model similar to P4, Intel Pentium M is similar to P3. I’m not sure about the CPU. If you have bad luck, you’re going to get a hot, noisy machine with short battery life.


i can aggree on the hot part if regular pentium 4 is anything like pentium 4 m. My toshiba satelite a30-141’s fan is quite loud and gets quite hot. although it does have 850mb ram, and 128mb graphics.


This is a bit misleading.

The Pentium M architecture may be similar to the PIII, but they are nothing alike in performance. Pentium IIIM and 4M were adapted desktop chips, for laptop usage. While the Pentium M was a clean slate design specifically for mobile application. Confusion is often added to this by errors in ads and press, as is the case here.

The above referenced T30 has a Pentium M processor, which is noted by it’s clockspeed. It will work perfectly fine for most any application, short of gaming, which isn’t a laptops primary use anyway.

This was not an attempt to correct you kg, I was merely trying to clarify the point you brought up.


Unfortunately, I thought this laptop felt very slow. We have a few of these at my job running XP Pro with SP1 and with even non demanding everyday applications and usage of internet and e-mail (via Outlook), well… I was not impressed by this machine.

Also, I think it is overpriced, especially for a refurb.

May I recommend you check this site daily, I have often seen deals for better laptops at lower prices, but you have to wait them out sometimes.

Laptop Deals


I’d have a look at Asus A3Ac series…
Combine that with 100$ off with purchase and you get a much better laptop.