What do you think about Lg cd burners

the dvd ram is a random access memory disc. just like your hard disc (only slower). Suppose you are backing up something regularly to DVD media (e.g. mp3, office files, fax files etc…). with normal rw if you want to add, change or subtract even one file from the DVD, you will have to copy all back to the HD, then rearrange the data and then burn all again from start or at least burn all from the start which is not a short process. with DVD RAM you can delete, replace, copy even just one file in a matter of minutes or less exactly as you would do with an external hard disc. now, if the only thing you are doing is backing up movies then yes it is no use for you because most dvd players today will not play the disc. however, if you are doing some kind of backup which most pc users do, then you will find it a huge advantage. Furthermore, the defect management of DVD RAMS is better then the RW.
as for the lifetime of the DVD RAM - i do not believe that serious companies like maxel, panasonic, toshiba, lg, hitachi, etc… would mislead their customers by so far, so i think it is better that you check your sources.

check this out: http://www.ramprg.com/index.aspx

The cartrige has almost nothing to do with the times you are able to rewrite on a DVD-RAM disk. The cartridge is there for extra security when handling the discs (expecially double sided 9.5GB discs). It serves to protect them from scratches, dust, dirst etc. The reason that you are able to rewrite up to 100 000 times on a RAM disk is because of the advanced sector handling on DVD-RAM media. When you drag and drop files to it and erase them repetedly, it makes sure that it does not always write the files sequentially in the same spot. This is doen automatically by the drive itself ! It will vary their location across the disk so that the disk is used evenly. The media is also more robust and utilises laser tracking features and calibration only found in magneto optical media. Just look at the underside of a DVD-RAM disk and notice the weird lines pattern. Add to this the VERIFY ON option that certain burners like LG won’t even allow you to disable and you got yourself the one of the most reliable storage formats in existance that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

My only problem is with LG DVD burners because they don’t allow you to disable VERIFY ON for the DVD-RAM media and this literally cuts the speed down in half :sad: In other words, your 3x media is infact 1.5x :sad:


this is true, however, with backing up my important files, who wants to cut verify? furthermore, it is still a major upgrade to backing up abilities even at 1.5 or at 2.5 with the 4120.

Nothwithstanding this, I have used InCD without any problems in recent years - so there is always the option to use x4 +RW (say) for your drag/drop stuff and no verification? (Wasn’t verification an option in InCD? - I can’t see it in the current version…)

Anyway I have been very impressed with my LG GSA-4082B and had not problems at all that I can think off - ended up removing InCD and just using the standard LG/Panasonic driver for DVD-RAM on my W2K system.

I was certainly a bit dubious but, as I wanted DVD-RAM and +RW capability, there were not many other options apart from separate drives… So I am really pleased that the choice has worked out so well.

Exactly why I don’t like to recommend “best for all” burners. Many people don’t feel there is any need to pay more because of added features such as DVD-RAM and DVD+R DL. Likewise, there are always people who never wanted DVD+R and DVD+RW since they have been satisfied with DVD-R and DVD-RW for long and just cannot find enough reason to be concerned with more recordable DVD format standards. Many CDFreaks forum members are much interested in copying “copy-protected” games exactly because that was one area this forum was very good at on the Net the same way this has been the heaven for LiteOn optical drive users. However, people like myself never even tried to play such games and copy such game CDs. For me, a CD writer and a DVD writer that can do SDxxx and others about game titles just annoys me because I have had reasons to think of such games only harmful. That’s my individual experiences and thoughts which should never interfere with my decision about “which is the best CD/DVD writer for whom” question.

Is the United States the greatest nation-state in the world? Is it the best one? It’s easier to answer the first but the second question is rather more about philosophy and politics that almost only results in unproductive dispute.

By the way, LiteOn and Samsung are the largest optical drive manufacturers beside LG Electronics. Sometimes Samsung Electronics is the No. 2. Recently, LiteOn became No. 2 and Samsung had to admit failure again. They are family businesses and such a competition means family pride. Failure is loss of face. LG does sell a tens of millions of drives through OEM/ODM partners like Dell, HP, IBM, NEC, etc. But not only LG, but also LiteOn, BTC, Samsung, NEC, and many others do the same. It’s sometimes much easier to remain in the business and even reap profits by first concentrating on OEM partners because it’s usually them that first buy the latest and most profitable products by the hundreds of thousands and even millions. Retail channel end user consumers cannot imitate that. Not even through Walmart and Newegg. So LiteOn also relies on OEM heavily. This is not a secret: I once worked for LiteOn and still keep some relationship with them, not directly in the Taiwanese headquarter though.

I’m one of the members/moderators who supported the creation of LG forum here. I first suggested it in 2002. I’m partly responsible for the addition of this new forum but I’m doing hardly anything to make this thriving. LG and LiteOn do business much differently as well. Compared to LG, LiteOn’s a very small company, focusing more on optical drives and trying to improve their products and market recognition rapidly. LG never does that because LG is comfortably and profitably used to monopoly or nearly so in the closed South Korean market. LG has also many times more money to advertise their products on Newsweek and Time than LiteOn. But as I said in my first post of this thread, LG had about 20 billion US dollar debt in their credit card branch not so long ago and I had really bad experiences with their credit card customer support call center several times.

LG Burners are simply the best.Slightly better than LITEON i must say.
This is because of the following:

1)Higher Reliability 125000(10% duty)POH {LG} vs 70000(25%) POH {liteon}
I guess 10 % is more practical.

2)Higher burn quality on recommended media than Liteon.Though I must admit that Liteon media compatibilty is marginally better because of their close association with all Taiwanese Media manufacturers.But LG rocks on the recommended media.

3)Collaboration with Japanese Giant Hitachi (Hitachi-LG Data Storage).

4)Marginally lower cost in some parts of the world.

But I must admit that Liteon support is unmatched.LG sucks when it comes to providing regular firmware upgrades.Still I would go with LG.

LiteOn releases firmware updates more frequently because they work harder. LG and Samsung are just the typical export-oriented South Korean conglomerates. Needing massive income of US dollars in return for mass-produced hi-tech products to several top US PC makers. Taiwan has the opposite economic structure.

How strategic alliances between Lite-On and Sony and LG and Hitachi will affect in the long run, I don’t know. Samsung once worked with Ricoh, and then with Matsushita (Panasonic in US), and now with Toshiba. Some of the first Samsung combo drives were Ricoh rebadged drives. Past Samsung DVD-RAM and DVD-RAM/-R Multi drives were Panasonic. The latest Samsung 8x writers are Toshiba. Since Toshiba’s not as strong as in the retail and OEM market for DVD writers, partnership with Samsung might help but so far there is no serious change I can see in the retail market.

Personally, I just buy the cheapest of the three since performance seems to vary very little.

Let’s see,
LG sucks because it cannot do all copy protections ? I wonder for what percentage of the world’s computer users this is important ? maybe just CD Freaks members ?
I am a system builder, have fitted 100’s of optical devices to PC’s and have owned and installed most brands (except Plexor) and can say one thing for sure:
The best track record of any optical device I have fitted, (failure rate of 2%) to date, possibly the quietest drive made, super smooth tray mechanism, well build.
Far better reliability than Sony (BTC or Liteon manufacture), BTC, Liteon, Aopen, MSI, Memorex, Gigabyte, Asus, Samsung etc…
in the same class as Pioneer,Toshiba (excellent drive by the way)
Plexor = overpriced, totally.
LG Writers in my data base:
8160, 8240, 8400, 8480, 8481, 8523, 8520, 8525.
LG DVD Roms in my data base:
8160, 8161, 8162
LG DVD Writers in database:
4040, 4081, 4082
I have also flashed at least 40 units (firmware upgrades) and have had 1 problem recently flashing a 8525b from FW 1.00 to 1.03