What do you think about Lg cd burners

A friend of mine told me that they are the worst cd burners a the market.Is that true?

Very much so. I currently own one, it cant handle SD2.x or Securom 4/5


It cost so much, i thought it would be quailty, but it really is a pile of

Although I’d never recommend one, I think that it would make a “just ok” burner for the masses. If you can choose freely what burner to get, I’d let it be… but if you have to buy a system that comes with it or you just burn your word documents to cd every once in a month or so, LG is a fine choice…

My daughter (who thinks she knows everything) bought an IBM Aptiva (proving she didn’t) that came with an LG burner fitted.
As soon as I saw this PC (sic) LG was assigned to garbage and a Liteon was installed instead.

You gotta be kidding me ! LG burners are the ceapest on the market, at least here in canada. I personally have an 8x 8080B sitting currently in my brother’s computer burning cdz dayly withought problems. Yeah, it sux at burning copyprotected cds but as a general purpose burner, it never let me down. And when i bought it, i didn’t expect much of it to begin with since it was freakin cheap.


CD burners that cannot write to DVD? Then there’s LG’s 52x combo drive about which there have been quite many reviews just everywhere. I don’t remember if I had one.

LG is probably the worst credit card company in the world, but so far it’s the greatest CD burner company.

I have to admit when i purcashed it in 03, it cost something like 60 sterling. That expensive as you can pick up a plex prem fo that price now!!!

It tottaly sucks it high heaven at protections, could just about handle Illegal TOC lol!

Plextor all the way baby!

I think you’d be hard pressed to make the statement that LG makes the best cd burners. Here in the states, LiteOn and Plextor are by far the best regarded. However, I don’t own an LG myself. However, if you look at the Dell forums, for which LG is the supplier to Dell, it does not paint a rosy picture.

LG is a great brand for CD/DVD burners, but they don’t advertise as much as Lite-On and Plextor.

But as always, it depends on your own feelings.

What exactly made you think I’d have been hard pressed to say LG makes the best CD burners? I did not say so. I said LG is the “greatest” CD burner company. LG has been No. 1 always ahead of LiteOn in the global market. Plextor’s far smaller to be compared at all. Quantity does not always make up for quality, but in this fast-changing market, you cannot possibly survive without maintaining some degree of quality control. Whether some people like Intel or not, Intel has always been No. 1 in many markets. Dell has been No. 1 or No. 2 in several important markets. HP is probably the biggest and most important competitor to both Intel and Dell. One can personally like Dell or not. Some people hate HP just because they didn’t have satifying experiences with some of HP’s products. It is natural for humans to spread hatred about what they themselves had personal reasons to hate.

It is true LG is not the most popular brand at CDFreaks and many other web forums. The reality is, LG is[/i the most popular among all. You don’t need pressure to say so but just some hard evidences. Dell, HP, and Intel may not be the most popular brands in some hardware web forums like Tom’s Hardware Guide and Anandtech but they also are the most popular brands in many other places which is why they are the greatest and still growing fast. LG supplies not just to Dell but also to many of the largest PC companies especially in the US market.

Which one is best, that is something everyone can disagree. It is extremely rare for me to recommend the best DVD burner even here where I am the moderator because such decision is too subjective. Design, price, noise, heat, durability, simplicity, ease-of-use, documentation, reading speed, writing speed, media compatibility, writing quality, softwrae compatibility, brand value, customer support, distribution, relationship with reviewers at CDFreaks and PC Magazine, and hundreds of other factors have to be considered. HP’s first DVD burners were based on Ricoh drives but many people chose HP because even the same drives are not exactly the same since it’s the people that really matter and they just think differently to one another.

Personally, I liked my TEAC, Plextor, Yamaha, LG, LiteOn, Samsung, Toshiba, Ricoh, Sony, Acer, Panasonic, and NEC - perhaps there’s more - drives. There’s none that I specially disliked. I still own about 80-90 optical drives at home. I do like my GSA-4082B especially much because it is the most useful to me right now. The second most useful is PX-708A.

So what protections can your LG burners do?
SafeDisc 2 and 3?

Thought not!

I Totally Agree With You. Lg Is Excellent Value For Money. I Have Many Lg Products ׂburners, Dvd Burner, Screens, Dvd Player, 6 Head Vhs… I Am Happy With All. Naturally, There’s Always Someone Better In A Certain Niche Or Another But I Always Get What I Expect In Good Quality And Good Price. Value For Money Is What People Look For. A Company That Rewards The Customer For Every Dollar He Puts Is A Company That Respects The Customer. I HAVE RECENTLY BOUGHT THE 4082B AND I’M VERY HAPPY WITH IT. PERHAPS THE NEC BURNS BETTER, AND THE PIONEER IS MORE FORGIVING WITH LOW QUALIY MEDIAׂ(HEY, WHO WANTS TO USE CRAPPY MEDIA?), AND THE TDK IS BETTER WITH OVERBURN. BUT I’M GETTING GOOD BURN QUALITY, AND I AM ABLE TO USE CRAP MEDIA WHEN I WANT AND I GOT DVD RAM WHICH HAS UPGRADED MY BACKUP ABBILITIES AND EASE OF USE WHICH HARDLY ANY ONE ELSE CAN OFFER. SO I GOT WHAT I WANT AND MUCH MORE FOR A BIT MORE MONEY THAN THE 2500A. THAT’S VALUE FOR MONEY.

The World Is Not Turning Around Safedisc 2 And 3 And 99% (to Be Extremely Cautious) Of The People Who Use Optical Drives Do Not Even Know What It Is And Are Not Busy With Copying Copy Protected Discs. Try Dvd Ram For Backup And Storage - This Is A Much Better And Much More Usefull Area For A Market Leader To Focus On.

I recently learned that indeed LG ships more drives than any other company worldwide, and if that is what you meant by greatest than you are indeed correct. Many of those shipments are based on supplier agreements to Dell as well as other companies.

 LG advertises regularly in magazines such as PC Magazine and Computer Shopper- more than most other companies.

 Among retail drives sold in the US, I am not sure who is the market leader.  I doubt it is LG as I don't know anyone who owns one now or previously, and the stores around me don't even seem to sell them.  Indeed, some folks may be buying them in through the internet, but we'll never know how many.  LG drives are also rebadged into Iomega drives and that may account for some sales.

 LG may sell more drives than anyone, but there is no LG forum, I don't see anyone writing firmware for it, and it is little discussed on this and other forums.  I'm glad you had a good experience with your LG, it just seems to me to be a less common drive where I am.

 For the record, I had a bad experience with HP customer support a few years ago about my first optical drive, the 7200e.  I have never personally owned a Dell, but many people have told me their stories of customer support frustration.

 I hope this clarifies my statement.

There is an LG forum now.

yes, at last

If you don’t like LG, fine, don’t buy one.

But in my opinion it’s one of the better writers.

I mean their new DVD-burner can read and write: DVD-R/DVD-RW/DVD+R/DVD+RW-DVD-RAM and DVD+R DL.

The quality of the burns is perfect (just don’t buy cheap media).

Protections I don’t know if it copies them, and I don’t care.

Oh my a CD-Burner that cant handle every freakin COpy Protection = Crap ?
Maybe i am wrong but think about you own words…
Copy Protections are there to protect CDs and the burners are mainly not there on the purpos e to kill every copy protection O.o
I have an LG Burner in my second pc and why does everyone say its crap no problems so far and it can handle the daily work.

Which DVD Burner can burn Copies of protected DVD(mainly MOVIE DVDs) ???

Do you have the 4082B or 4120B?

Yes, I was aware that LG burners will read and write to dvd-ram, a unique capability in the world of dvd burners. I’m just not sure who exactly needs to do this. Furthermore, apparently if the the dvd-ram disc is bare, and not cartridge based, I have read that it will last no longer than other rewritable media- 1000 times, not 100,000 times. It seems that if this is true, than dvd+rw may be just as good.

Perhaps a business may have a use for dvd-ram, but I don’t.