What do you think about Benq Ew162u?

Hello i’m daniele84, i’m new on this forum, i would like to make a question about my dvd recorder (Benq Ew162U). Have anybody tested it or got already it?
I have it and it works well. I would have your opinions about my Dvd Recorder.
Thanks in advance, daniele84 :smiley:

I would like to know some opinion about Benq Ew162U.
Can somebody help me?

The EW162U is an external DW1625!!!
From what I read it is not a very good burner!!! But since you have it why don’t you tell us?

Correction: The EW162U is an internal DW1620Pro installed in a USB 2.0 Case using an Ali ChipSet. It has custom firmware that makes the drive UDMA-3. The standard DW1620 is only UDMA-2. From my testing with USB 2.0 the highest burn rate would be 12X. It will not get to 16X.

A better option is to purchase a DW1640 internal from NewEgg for $38.99 and a External Case (Prolific PL-3507 ChipSet) for both USB & Firewire support.

Please go read the external case thread for more details…

I have it and i have done some quality disc scan with CD Dvd Speed. The total score is variable from 99 to 76. Sometimes i’ve noticed that the burner make some noises during burning. From what this can depend? By the way I don’t think it’s a bad burner because it works well for me. Thanks for your post beach-hobo!!!