What do you store your Dvd Back-Ups in?

About how much were those slim cases?

I use a sharpie for the discs but I mean the cases. Pic attached to show you.

There not slim but they cost about 38 cents each after shipping and handling, but these also only come in boxes of 240. More expensive then jewel cases as I can get them for about 13 bucks for a 100 pack and more expensive then the slim dvd cases as rolling56 uses, I believe.

If i go to that trouble i have 100 DVD cases to start with to print covers and re-burn all my discs on printable media but thats not happenin’ :disagree: I just use them as i go.

I dont plan on puting covers in the cases, just that little label in the pic on the side so I can see where which movie is when I put te on my stand.

Boxed in a deep, dark and dry stone-chamber. :smiley:

Some of my DVDs are in slimcases (but they take up too much space :frowning: ), some in cakeboxes (the ones i don’t need very often), and some in a case like this: http://www.alza.sk/ShowImage.asp?iditem=74781&fd=FotoAdd&cd=GR046b-03

My cd collection is stripped and put in DJ cases = only cd + cover. My various backups are in soft cases (cd wallets) too. Yeah they may get a scratch now and then but since i double-tripleback i can live with that so far.

I’m closing in on 10000 discs and jewel or slimcases are unrealistic. Take way too much space and weigh a ton (literally) :slight_smile:

If i weren’t too lazy i’d put everything in DJ cases bc it’s pretty easily sorted there…

10000 you top me; have about 3000 in slimcases another 4000 in cakeboxes weigh a ton just think to the weight in VHS tapes? 1,500 DVD cracked the glass on my coffee table. :frowning:

I just use a storage box that holds the DVDs in little sleeves. All you do is write on the provided index page, the name of each movie next to the number. So I just make everything alphabetical and if I want to look something up I just look at the index and it might say: 57 - Terminator 2. Then I flip through the box until I find number 57 and there’s T2 my fav movie :stuck_out_tongue:

what do you do when to movies recorded to one DVD?

10000 wow, is that dvds and cds? Because I dont think theres that many dvds out there that I’d actually think were good enough to own, non the less to back-up. I’m only breaking the 700 mark with dvds.

I guess i have 6500-7000 original cd/(mainly)cdm’s. Rest are cdr or dvd data backups (music/wav files and some mp3). I DJ a bit, make music presentations for various sports (fitness, disco, cheerleading, show… you name it) and mix cd’s for a smal label. Even hobby remix a bit when i have the time. Lastly a bit short of 200 original dvd’s. That’s not where i put my money :slight_smile:

Oh okay I thought you had 10000 dvd back-ups. I was thinking that your up there big time with some of the online rental companys lol. I have about 700 orginal dvds that I just box up after I back them up and just use the back-ups, so I don’t risk having to purchase another copy of the same movie.

wat r DJ cases Exactly ? can anybody give a Good Picture of them ?

is that THE best way to store dvd’s ?

Something of this nature and the picture attached, it depends theres a lot of different kinds.

Not really the best way for long-term storage. The best would be with cases like I use, rolling56 uses(dvd slim cases), jewel cases (slim or reg. size), or anything like these and just store them on a big rack, possibly like rolling56’s if you like that style.

What I’ve found is the variability of storage options. Obviously all cases are not created equal. I find it frustrating when you get a good case (slim, jewel, soft, dj etc) and then find the next time you want to order it’s changed (or you only find out when it turns up…grrr!).

DJ cases are probably best but not always 100% practical and can weigh a ton. Soft cases and wallets vary from complete garbage to excellent. I’ve seen badly ripped sleeves, sleeves that tear after the case is loaded with discs, poor stitching etc. The best one’s I’ve found within a budget in the UK are DiscRite. AMPS are pretty crap, Discwrite, some bad some ok. Whatever you get a modicum of care is needed to get discs in and out. Always the potential for scratches but a decent sleeve shouldn’t cause any unless you are sloppy. Saying that you can get caught out by the ‘lip’ some sleeves have. It can be tricky to get it up and over a tight fitting disc and I know people who’ve forgotten about it and it’s scratched the disc. I’d say for wallets, buy smaller over bigger, anything size 400+ is rarely decent. I bought an 800 disc one for CD singles and it’s too heavy and provides not much protection. The ring holes tear too.

I’ve had to put my original artist albums in wallets because of space. The compilations are still waiting to go into a couple of DJ cases (nearly a year now!). I’d love to get more cases but I’m not sure I can manage many because of what I mentioned before. Not very stackable.

I do have quite a lot of slim CD cases which are by and large good. The small slim DVD ones aren’t great. Again they vary but some are badly constructed, discs don’t stay in place and turn a disc around in the placeholder at it with scratch a circle on the disc. Ugly.

I must admit I may buy some double Amarays soon. Ok they will take up more space but I might just have to choose some quality over quantity.

I’m always open to good storage suggestions/solutions/recommendations, so if anyone’s got some then I’d be interested, especially those buyable in the UK. :slight_smile:

The cases I use are great for storage, not scratching of disc when they slighlty turn or when I turn them, The lockng thing in the middle is easy and simple, not hard to get disc out but strong enough to hold it in place. These cases are durable and that the reason I found them becausemy local video stores uses them for dvds/games and just puts them in a bigger cases that has a lock on it so noone steals them. But the stopped making the bigger cases and now there going to not quite slim dvd cases but not regular sized ones with the locking thing on them. I just asked the owner where he got the small cases from and some talking went on and bam he was ordering me a couple boxes at his cost. :slight_smile:

I think another problem with buying storage is a lot of it is unbranded making it practically impossible to buy the same thing twice unless you order in quick succession.

Also a lot of storage solutions in stores are designed for people with pretty small collections, not CD Freaks!

I have three large CD racks which I bought from Argos some years back, they’re excellent but again take up a heap of space even though they are on top of each other on a table. Because they contained my artist albums I had to empty them to put them in folders. Because I’ve yet to work out where to put the jewels, they are still in the racks! Doh!

I’d love to find the holy grail of cases, boy could I do with it. :smiley:

That is true for most local retailers.

The place I got my cases is a store that only sales to businesses, thats why the owner of my local video store ordered them for me.