What do you store your Dvd Back-Ups in?

Buying good quality media is just as important as storing your back-ups properly. It’s a war against the Almighty Scratches! So how do you take action to win this war? Attached is images of what I use to store my back-ups in. There the size of a regular cd case, but it’s a lot more durable and doesn’t come off into two peices. I had to get the owner my my local video store to order them for me because they wouldn’t sell them to private partys, I dont know why since they’d still be geting there money.

Slim cases mainly. I have a rack to put them in that holds 1000 vertically and it’s 3/4 full.

I just cleaned out my DVD collection and tossed over 500 movies I will never watch again. I keep all the originals in a Glass cabinet in my Den in their original cases. No sunlight will get to them. I just sold all my kids DVDs from when my son was young on Ebay. All the Disney Stuff and Barney. My single layer DVD5s that I use I keep in slim bendable plastic jewels cases. After almost 6 years of this the amount of DVDs you aquire is amazing.:iagree:

I bet you did get a lot in 6 years, seeing I’m amazed of how many back-ups I have only after 2 years.

I know “unbreakable slim cases” similar to yours that are sold in lots of shops here, but no unbreakable full-size ones, sadly. :frowning:

Slim jewel cases stored in racks in spare bedroom kept sun free. I have over 3,000 :eek: collecting for about 3 and 1/2 years

All my original movies, games and music are in there original case, games are in a unit on the wall with sliding doors, movies and music are in floor standing woodern storage unit with closing doors.

Most of my backups are in DJ style storage case’s, some are in cd jewel case’s. The ones in case are more important stuff.

I’d rather have full size cases so I can label them on the side, because I put them in alphabetic order for easy finding. I’ve never seen the slim version before, but I believe that Uline sells these but they cost like 1 1/2 times what I paid for them. The owner of my local video store got them from this speciality catalog that mainly sells stuff to small video stores.

I have mine alphabetized in my storage rack 700 or so of them. It’s in my basement with very little sun light. I use black backed slim cases only.

Do you label your cases? I use these small address labels on the side so I can easily see what movie is where.

Mine are marked with the alphabet only. 1-100 and A-Z.

I use a Casio Disc Title Printer. I put the Title ,genre, and actors.:wink:

wood CD/VHS rack in slim jewel cases about 500 per rack

That only does the thermal discs don’t it?

Here’s a pic of my cheap way of doing it :bigsmile:

Thats a nice collection :cool: but I prefer to have labels on the sides of my cases for faster findings. I’ll post a pic of my stand with my back-ups once my new stand arrives and I get all my cases labeled.

Wow, that’s cool.
The kind of that has their logo on That’s packaging? :smiley:

I guess it must be less problematic than Canon Pixma printers and can also print on simply white surfaces while it might be less functional?

At least That’s Ceramic Coat media is supposed to work with Casio’s printers so I guess it supports virtually anything.

Yes exactly, it prints on anything, Verbs, Ty all regular DVD5 discs. And it looks great. The ink carts are a bit expensive, you get 3 in a box for 27.00USD and each will print about 50 discs.:iagree:

My discs are labeled either with printables,LightSribe, or Sharpie.

I guess that’s still cheaper than LightScribe and less bureaucratic than my Canon Pixma though… :confused: