What do you regularly use and is $5k a liter? Guess what!

What do you regularly use and is $5k a liter? Guess what!.

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Remember when ink carts had 12-15 ml of ink in them? :frowning:

The comparison is a little off, because when you buy ink, the most expensive part of that purchase is the print head attached to the cartridge. But I agree, ink is outrageously expensive. Also, I don’t buy into the theory that printer manufacturers lose money on the printers and make it up with the ink. There’s really not much to an inkjet printer, and they’re not expensive to build. Kodak printers are less expensive than other major brands, and their ink is also far less expensive. (I have an HP PhotoSmart C309A multifunction printer and buy expired cartridges on eBay for about a third to half of the prices charged in stores, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with expired ink cartridges.)

I’m glad I can refill my Canon printer. First had a Pixma iP5200 and after it recently broke, I replaced it with an iP4500 that I still had for exactly this case.

I can reset the chip so the cartridge is recognized as full again and 0.5 liter of ink cost around €30


Hp 45 cartridges have 21ml of ink in them… and that printer still works…
Not like the crap HP makes today that will break down JUST outside the warranty period… besides… most cartrdiges you can refill anyways for less than 50 cents each time…

My success w/ the HP 741X series Hp 96 cartridge is about 6 refills before the printer head dies… the old 45 cartridges are about 10x refills. I think the sponge in the blank cartrdige 96 can take about 12-16ml’s.

DO NOT BUY AN HP inkjet printer… today, they are ALL CRAP… go with ANY other brand!!

[QUOTE=tmc8080;2655342]DO NOT BUY AN HP inkjet printer… today, they are ALL CRAP… go with ANY other brand!![/QUOTE] I wouldn’t buy Dell/Lexmark that quickly either :slight_smile:

I have a Brother Inkjet printer (my 2nd one as the Cat wrecked the first one… lol).

It’s extremely easy to buy lowpriced generic ink cartridges for it. I don’t know why someone would pay full price.

If they’re losing money on printers, surely the easily accessible generic cartridges would impact that business model? Maybe its propped up companys/institutions that aren’t able to access cheaper alternatives?

Some people buy remanufactured cartridges online… and YMMV-- if they go on the cheapside and refill a cartridge that has the SAME printer head and it was not refurbished… most reputable cartridge remanuf. companies wouldn’t do that and have at least a 1yr warranty to back it up…

Most experienced cartridge refillers know what the deal is and can find decent cheap ink… although in the last year PIGMENTED ink is a bit more expensive $10 more than it was the year before- per 16oz bottle, even on ebay-- I bought non-pigmented this time and am not as satisfied with the quality (a bit blurry/runny)-- next time pigmented ink for me.

I used to have a canon printer with 60ml black and 20ml colour, those where the days

Slow news week?
Seems like this story is trotted out by someone on an annual basis …

I moved to laser about 5 years ago for all printing. If I really want a photo prtinted, I’ll pay for a professional print. Home photo printouts rarely live up to the manufacturers hype.

Yeah That ^. Haven’t run an inkjet in 15 years.

Before I buy I printer, I check whether compatibles are available for it and also the user reviews of the compatibles. As a few mentioned above, I avoid HP, as while there are compatibles for some of its recent printers, they all have poor user reviews about quality, not working, missing lines, etc.

My last printer was the Canon ip5200 and I’ve used compatibles in it for about 3 years without an issue, even for printing photographs. Unlike my experience with a Lexmark, Epson and HP, I rarely had to do a cleaning cycle when using compatibles. In the end, the printer finally failed. I have replaced it with a Canon ip4950 and am ready to start with compatibles once its originals run out. :wink:

One nice thing I also like about Canon is that it does not refuse to print documents just because a colour has ran out. Just press the resume button and it’ll print. The same goes with printing with that colour, useful for using up every last drop of that colour until it fades.

Refill FTW!!!

I mostly use old HP 990 printer. It takes the 78 and 45 carts and refilled/remaned carts are still available for it pretty cheap, plus the carts do hold a LOT of ink and tend to work for a while for me.
Sometimes I can get a couple of refills out of them before the print head or something else finally dies but the hard part now is finding quality cheap carts. I also have a Epson R800 I use for disk printing and photos but the carts on it finally crapped out and I don’t have the budget right now for remaned or refillable carts and ink for it so it just sits.
My first media printing Epson was the R200 and I found some nice refillable carts with extra ink for it and it still works today, my sister uses it now and the ink I found is probably better then the OEM stuff was and is cheaper. She hasn’t burned through all the extra ink for it yet and I will get a similar system for the 800 when I can afford it again.
The R200 cost me 30 bucks after rebate and the first set of factory carts cost me 70 so I feel everyone’s pain and starting looking for alternatives real quick as it also has tiny carts.

I’ve been using the same Laserjet 6p printer for… geez… 15 years?

Nice thing about Toner is that being a dry powder it doesn’t dry out from sitting,
like the hideously expensive printer ink that’s being complained about.

if you aren’t printing every day you don’t want an inkjet.


Based on printing at work, a monochrome laser printer with compatible toner is the way to go for bulk printing. E.g. £40 for a 12,000 page compatible toner. At this price, it’s the paper that’s the main expense.

However, most colour laser printers are rip-offs just like cheap inkjets, in some cases where one could purchase two replacement printers for the price of one set of toner. :stuck_out_tongue:

So if going the colour laser route, check the compatible pricing first. Just an example I came across on Amazon:

[li]Dell 1350cnw colour laser printer - £138.26[/li][li]Replacement toner set (2000 page black + 3x 1400 page colour) - £249.60 :eek:[/li][li]Compatible set (2000 page black + 3x 1400 page colour) - £39.95 ;)[/li][/ul]