What do you recommend

Hi Everyone,
I’m a newbie and have never been to a forum before. I have gone through many postings trying to find some answers and decided to just go ahead and ask. I’m just starting out at this burning movies thing so please don’t laugh…:sad:
I’m trying to learn what all these file formats mean…avi, rar,DiVx…it’s really confusing.:doh:…as well from what I understand there is all sorts of software out there to do the things to movies that you need to do…Could someone be so kind as to tell me what I need and better yet what is the recognized best to use?
I have heard mentioned software such as Nero, DvD flick, Roxio, Img Burn, OneClick DvD, Dvd Shrink and so on…
I’m really showing off my ignorance aren’t I.:confused:…I’m trying here ppl…I swear!
Thank you for your time…whoever took the time to glimpse at this

basically most of those things you mentioned are just video’s (i.e. .avi (this is usually either XviD/DivX format both are pretty much the same but people usually prefer XviD since it’s free where as DivX aint etc) ) … a program i recommend that will play most video formats out there right out the box (i.e. nice and simple :slight_smile: ) is ‘The KMPlayer’

.rar = it’s basically just a compressed file and in order to use the file inside that rar file you have to extract it (which you can use a program like ‘winrar’ to do it) then you can run it or view it etc depending on what type of file it is :wink:

ImgBurn = basically just burning software (which is my primary burning application for DATA etc … for AUDIO cd burning i use Burrrn)

DVD Shrink = basically software to make your original dvd movies etc fit onto a standard (4.7GB) DVD+R disc that you can buy at places like bestbuy etc for pretty cheap prices. (but there’s a catch as this program cannot copy original dvd movies by itself since it cannot strip out the copy protection… for that i would recommend either Slysoft’s ANYDVD or DVDfab Platinum)

p.s. dont worry to much as even though your questions sound really simple to most people in this forum… we all have to start somewhere :wink: