What do you recomend for Series DVDs?

Hello Everyone. :slight_smile:

im trying to copy family guy with all the menus. I copyed it with dvd2one, but wasnt impressed with the quality. bit shacky and pixlated -(is that spelt right?)

what software do you use to copy full series dvds and out of 10 what do they come out like.

Thanks for all your help.


I use InstantCopy because it is an encoder not a transcoder like DVD2one. It takes some work because of the undersizing bug in Instantcopy but the quality is top notch when you get it right.

Not to start petty bickering here but CCE’s quality far surpasses anything IC can crap out. If you want to do it right, try the guides from doom9.


I tried latest DVD2ONE 1.1.2 on the Simpsons Series 1 set as well as Instant Copy 7.02. The quality from dvd2one was far superior to the IC output IMHO.

MLS, you are right, the CCE output is so far better than all these quick solutions, but no one seams to want to do quality conversions anymore, just the quickest way of getting a “close enough” result.

Indeed, the learning curve is steeper than one click apps but well worth it in the end. :slight_smile: Also, tools like DIF4U, DC4U and ReAuthorist make it simple enough for anyone who can work IC to make a backup.


What is this CCE method you are talking about? How does it work? Can anyone link to a tutorial?


If you have any questions try searching this forum or the one on doom9 for a load of info. I personally would use the second one before the first, but use whichever suits your needs.


How much better are you talking about MLS? i mean when i used to Tmpeg it took hours and i couldnt see much, if any, improvement over some of the new faster software out now.

What percentage improvement could i expect?

Well better is a relative term. If you can’t tell the difference between a CCE encode and a DVD2One/IC transcode then by all means use the latter, its much faster.