What do you make of this scan?

This scan is of a 2 year old TYG01. Burnt in an LG 4160B burner. I didn’t do any scans when I first burnt it.
The scan looks very bad in total PIF. Looks to have a block that bad. No high values and very good PIE’s. TRT looks good as well. What do you make of this high total PIF?

And here’s a nero scan. Even worse.

What version of CD-DVD Speed are you using? I’m concerned that you selected 4x but 12.37x is shown at the bottom right.

There’s nothing so terribly wrong with those scans. The KProbe one is pretty good and well within spec. The clump of PIF’s at the 4gb is a little concerning but nothing out of the ordinary.

And the TRT is fine.

There’s been some debate about the value of DQ scanning on it’s own. TRTs show that the disk reads well and there’s a suggestion that high speed DQ scans have some merit.

I’ll add that I’m no expert on this but I’m sure that others more technically knowledgeable will have some input.

I’m going to ignore the CD-DVD Speed scan at the moment - install a new version and I suspect that the scan will look about the same as the KProbe scan, it looks like an older version that may not be scanning correctly with your drive. Regarding the PIF block at the edge, I’d be willing to bet that you have either a small scratch/scuff/adhesive/residue etc. somewhere near the edge of the disc, or some other small dye defect near the edge. Take a close look under good lighting and I think you’ll probably visibly spot something that is the cause of the PIF block. Other than the errors at the outer edge, it’s a great scan. And even a solid block of PIFs can often not be a big issue if they have relatively low peaks such as the peak of 2 PIFs in this block, although a TRT at 16x might expose a slowdown at the edge. When I find similar types of solid PIF blocks, I can nearly always find a corresponding visible issue on the disc under close inspection.

scoobiedoobie is correct in saying you probably have a small/slight scratch, blemish, dye imperfection,etc.,etc.
where the PIF block is. I just finished burning a TYG02 disc and had the same thing at around the 3.5 mark I
inspected the disc and there was a small imperfection in the disc but the TRT was perfect on it. :iagree:


Do you have a drive capable of 16x TRT? as slower speed TRTs are too easy to pass for most discs with potential edge issues.

It depends more on the reading capability of the drive than it depends on whether the reading speed is 12x or 16x. There are many discs that read flawlessly at 16x in my LiteOn drives and BenQ drives that can’t be read at any speed in any other of my drives.

I’d suggest a transfer test at the highest possible speed in a non-LiteOn and non-BenQ drive as a better (more difficult) test. I have found my NEC drives to be good for this purpose, but also my Plextor PX-712 and Pioneer DVR-111 even though they only read at 12x.

BTW, this drive does support 16x, with a riplock-removed firmware.

I have an LG 4167B as well. I will need to get the rip locks taken off. Best wat is with the Dangerous Brothers firmware?

For my 165P6S, I use COdeking’s MSOR with riplock removed. There is also the speedpatched version, but it will mess up DVD-RAM functionality so don’t use that version if you need DVD-RAM for your drive.

Yes, though I personally generally (of course there are exceptions & anomalies) place lesser value on TRT from DVD writers compared to most DVD-ROMs due to the generally over-tolerant reading nature of most DVD writers. I rarely TRT on my BenQs or my other writers, unless it is to check some digital error reporting/TRT behavior correlation.