What Do You Live For?

What are the things in life that you live for? What in your life makes you the most happy?

Alcohol makes me very happy. In fact I am quite drunk right now, and I live for this feeling.

Sex, Drugs, Movies, Games. I guess the drugs and movies parts will go down when my girlfriend moves in with me, but the sex part will go up. Games will stay the same.

Dunno :expressionless:
Alls good here :slight_smile:

Near & dears health.

good times with good friends

Watch my daughter grow up and see her very successful. She’s 13. Good health for family and friends and all you here at CDF’s.


fighting (mma), movies, music…oh yeah and i guess family stuff too :stuck_out_tongue:

work :wink:

Sometimes I wonder why we live…really. It makes me sad sometimes.

The good thing is that I am happy most of the time…I think I live for that. Its the small moments of joy that give me a reason to live.

It’s OK, I fixed the quote - and that reply was sooooo obvious :bigsmile:

My almost 4 year old son mainly :bigsmile: . Here lately for someone and the current moment (no past or future :disagree: ) also

TO see people around me Happy.:slight_smile:


…music and computers mainly. Desperately trying to find something more meaningful, but failed everytime

Hum. That’s a bit of heavy one to answer in an honest way.
The simple answer is that I don’t really know what I am living for :confused:
The best answer that I have (and I’ve thought about this quite a lot), is that I live for existing now. I try to treat every day as if it could be the last one I have and value the people I meet, and let the petty things go. It’s not possible to do that all the time, but I try to make the effort.
Most of the other things like relationships, work, family, books, movies, music etc are distractions - things that fill in time and stop me thinking about things clearly. I don’t mean that my husband, family and friends aren’t important, because of course they are. It’s just that they shouldn’t fully define my life or state of happiness. I don’t think I can put the responsibility for my own happiness onto another person…
That probably doesn’t make much sense, but maybe I’m still figuring it out myself :slight_smile:
(blimey, this might be the most serious thing I’ve ever posted :eek: )

swimming in the sea, about 50-100metres from the shore, where its 15 metres deep, you can see right down to the bottom, its summer time. The feeling of coming out of the water after being in the sea for an hour, and lying on the warm rocks. Feeling hungry after that and having what we in greece call a giro pita. Then going for a siesta im the afternoon.

If I could pick any moment right now to be in that would be it.

Friends and Family.

Let me start by introducing myself, My Name Is Earl…:bigsmile:
Joking aside, I feel we all live to right our wrongs. (IMHO)