What do you guys think

what do you guys think about these drives

Lite On Internal DVD±RW/CD-RW Drive

Model: LDW-411S

MediaStor Internal DVD±RW/CD-RW Drive

Model: DD-0203-IN

Memorex Internal DVD±R/±RW/CD-RW Drive

Model: 32023235

and the nec 1300a

My lg 52x24x52 had a bad flash could not recover so i order a nec 1300a

UPDATE just tried to flash that dam lg drive in dos usin mtkflash
and the dam thing works now so any one wonderin if mtkflash will work with the 52x24x52x drive version GCE-8523B it did for me so i guess The drive has a Media tec chip

I wonder if it would take a Liteon firm ware or could you update it
a 54x32x54x like the new mitsuim

any how let me know your thoughts on the drives listed and post some of your fav drives for burning dvds -R -RW +RW +R

The MediaStor I have never heard of and didn’t find anything about it so I cant say anything about it (other than they likely do not make drives themselves). As for the Memorex it is more commonly known as Dual-X, we have a review on it here on CDFreaks.

The 411S is the fastest and all around best (we have a review of that one also) IMO.

And no you can’t make a LG a 54x Mitsui by flashing it with LiteOn firmware… ( que? )