What do you guys think of Yamaha CDRs?

What do you guys think about the Yamaha CDRs?

Specifically, sound quality, durability, and reliability (is this the same as C1 and c2 errors?)

Also, how do they stack up against the Fuji Tayo Yunden CDRs and Mitsui Silver CDRS, primarily for high quality audio CDRs, but also for data back-up (word processsing and digital photography)?

Any insights would be greatly appreciated!

P. S. - my CD-RW drive is a Yamaha CRW-F1 (USB)

You’re not going to find any evidence that “sound quality” has anything to do with what media you use. without an ATIP on the Yamaha media, it’s hard to say what it is, as Yamaha does not actually make media. In any case, as long as you burn at an appropriate speed for your drive and media combination, either will be fine. TY is generally accepted as the most stable, reliable and compatable media available today.

I believe they were manufactured by Mitsubishi Chemicals and use a metal azo dye.

I believe they were manufactured by Mitsubishi Chemicals and use a metal azo dye.

The ATIP would tell that for sure, but that would make them the same as Verbatim DLP. Not bad media, but not as good as TY. The Mitsubishi is known to have quality control problems, variable quality according to where and when it was made, and some drives do not perform well with it. but as long as the burn speed is set appropriately it usually does very well. Burning it faster than it’s rated speed is usually not successfull. Check the media test threads for Verbatim CDR’s.

Do you know if Mitsubishi Chemicals produced in the past (the Yamaha media that I am looking at is 12X rated, 650 mb blanks) different quality levels?

Reading commentary at Amazon suggested that the Yamaha media was very, very good. Verbatim?

Any insights would be greatly appreciated!

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Can anyone provide me with anymore specifics about which Mitsubishi factory manufactured these disks and others experience with these particular disks?

Thanks in advance!

Also, the spindle says made in Singapore and the actual model # is CDR74M1250.

Thanks again.