What do you guys think of the new VOOM service?

Has anyone tried it?

Is it worth the $ to get it set up?

ADDED: I just went to Voom.com and noticed they are having a $0 INSTALLATION deal. I think I’m going to grab it!

VOOM will be installed by next Monday!

$0.00 Install
$0.00 Hardware (Upfront)
$55/mo for aprox 25 HDTV + 63 STV + 13 Music
(Includes 7 x HBO)
$9.50/mo for HD Receiver & Dish

Please report back your experience with this service. I received a flyer in the mail the same day you posted. It is good until May 31 in my area. I would like to hear what sort of content you receive, installation issues etc.



i’ve had VOOM service since june with mixed feelings. here’s a little description of my experience:

installation: was a breeze. one main dish along with a cheap antenna to pickup local hd broadcasts. but the installation guy told me that over 99% of the installations he’s done, they were not able to receive local hd channels cuz of the antenna…and since i was not part of that lucky 1%, i had to fork over another $100 for a antenna strong enough to receive local hd channels.

hd channels: mixed feelings. voom boasts 21 hd original channels. 10 movie channels along with 11 variety channels. the 10 movie channels do not have a great line up. but i do like the monster hd channel…especially when godzilla movies are on. worldsport hd has real madrid soccer so it’s kool…but the rest of the original hd lineups (animania hd, auction hd, equator hd, gallery hd, rave hd, rush hd…etc)…i normally skip

the rest of the hd channels: here are the following channels on hd on voom:
abc hd, cbs hd, fox hd, nbc hd, pbs hd, wb hd, bravo hd, espn hd, tnthd, discovery channel hd, and the premium movie channels like hbo hd, showtime hd, maxhd and starz hd. the channel lineup is far less than what’s on dish and on comcast cable. the biggest drawbacks on the channel lineups are there is no g4techtv, food channel (yes…i’m a iron chef fan) and no local fox sports channels.

quality: i’ve had comcast hd before i switched to voom. the hd picture quality on voom is far superior than on comcast hd.

i’m paying close to $70 for your 21 hd channels, your typical cable channels, local channels in hd, 9 hbo, 9 showtime, 9 cinemax, starz and encore…along with the hd receiver.

final comments: except for the voom original hd programming, the rest of the hd and regular cable programming is up there with cable and dish services. but the the three cable channels i watch the most are not on voom (as i stated above) but the picture quality is excellent…far superior to comcast hd. the pricing is very reasonable. i’ll stick with voom until the end of the year. if they have not expanded their channel lineups to include g4techtv, food network and local fox sports channel, then i’m probably gonna switch to dish.

just my humble opinion…


Only US$70 for 21 HD channels a month? That’s an outrageously generous offer. The only thing available here is one channel for about US$20 a month and the proprietary receiver costs US$500. Of course, I’m not subscribed. I instead download HD capture files since I can download 10MB x 86,400 seconds x 365 days for about US$200, but I still have less than 10TB online storage.

Voom has promised a HDPVR sometime before the first of the year. Then with the added HD programming they are also promising it should be great.

I agree though that the voom HD original channels are a little weak. The movies are usually B type and old, and some of the others sometimes aren’t very interesting. Of course who would have thought that someone would like to watch old Godzilla movies? JK :slight_smile:

LG HD settop box discount in South Korea.


Price from 659,000 Won to 499,000 Won.

It’s another “Athens Olympics Celerbration Event” in South Korea. Still too expensive but I’ll buy it.

I’ve had VOOM for 2 months in Brooklyn, NY. Same deal with OTA antenna, but the upgrade was free. I can’t get NBC OTA. No G4 techtv is a bummer, but HD channels are awesome even on my $90 13" panasonic tv while my HD projector is packed for moving. The ultra channel is 80% beautiful women in fashion shows. Equator is HD travel. Tank is a great HD show where you watch fish tanks from around the world. I pay $90 for the vavavoom package that includes EVERYTHING voom has. HD DVR is the only thing missing (coming soon, haha.) You have to see HD to believe it. Even on a cheap 13" directview tv. Motorolla DSR550 has all 5 outputs active at once: DVI, component, composite, s-video and coax!!! Also coax spdif out for 5.1.

rumors are floating around that VOOM is destined to die next year, due to very poor performance in the area of getting new subscribers. Supposedly they have only gotten a small fraction of the numbers needed to succeed. Another possibility is that they will get bought out.

But the lineup looks a bit better than the DirecTV linup for sure, and the technology is very similar, with combined satellite and off-air programming.

The main problem I have with VOOM is the off air programming necessary to get your local stations… I am in an area where off air programming is impossible (mountainous area in Colorado). I know there must be many others who have this same problem. Im not sure why voom cannot offer satellite service for the local stations, but they dont. I have to keep Dish Network just for my local stations. ($10.99 additional expense) which VOOM doesnt seem to be concerned about. I am thinking of discontinuing with VOOM as they dont even have a HD PVR for their customers. I understand they are working on one but I havent heard anything about what it will cost of when it will be available… The VOOM web site says 2005…kinda vague. I too think VOOM is suffering from lack of proper growth which would occur if their membership drives were more successful…and the investors will not continue to support a losing project im sure. The HD programming is sufficient for the time being, although I realize this is an area where some broadcasters have been reluctant to venture.

Just some thoughts and observations about VOOM from my perspective.

I was just browsing the VOOM site and came across this little tidbit:

The STARZ! and SHOWTIME PlusPacks are delivered on satellite capacity that is only temporarily available to Rainbow DBS. Rainbow DBS may be required to cease transmitting over this capacity at any time. If you have any questions about this, please call us toll free at 1.800.GET.VOOM.

VOOM is not perfect, but neither are the other services. While I gree that having to get locals channels OTA and not having an integrated PVR (HD or otherwise) are big negatives. You simply cannot beat the quality of their transmissions, HD or SD. Comcast does not, DirecTV does not, TimeWarner does not, DishNetwork does not. Nobody beats the quality of VOOM (at least not in the Tri-State area) and that is what is most important to ME. And they have the MOST HD content bar none and by far.

PS Do not change the channels too fast or you box will crash.

someon wrote: Nobody beats the quality of VOOM.
check out cband/4dtv-hdd200 thats what i use and love it, i have seen voom
the one the thing i liked about voom was a built in ota…

just my 2cents…

I heard that Disc Network had bought Voom… anyone else heard this? If its true, we should be seeing some action soon… I gotta believe things will be better.

Actually, I have been reading about Voom all day. But, I think that they have not been bought by Dish Network, looks like Cablevision. Heres a couple links.



I wish that Voom can make a go of it. If you are into HD, they seem to have the best line-up, and right now, they have an unbelievable offer to get people to sign up, 3 rooms for a buck! But, at the same time, they are losing money hand over fist. If they are around by the time I see my commiment to DirecTV expire and they still look better, I may give them a shot. Reading their webpage I get the impression that it is probably a nice looking picture, due to better capability to provide HD broadcasts. I think DirecTV compression is causing some PQ problems.

I’m not sure I follow that logic. If somebody buys VOOM, it’ll be to get their satellite space for themselves, and then you’re back to more over-stretched bandwidth and questionable hardware. The best thing about VOOM is that they don’t over-sell their bandwidth.

The website shows Cablevision as the owner of Rainbow DBS.

Anyway, I just ordered the VOOM package. The wait for install is 2 weeks. :sad: Will report back when it’s running.

Why am I not surprised. :smiley:

Marks calendar damn I wonder what takes so long? Maybe it is the promotion they have going. I hope 50,000 sign up!

I’ll guess it depends on who in your area is doing the install. Sears is their retailer here, maybe they do the install? :confused: