What do you fear most?

Time for some serious stuff! What is your biggest fear? Is it terrorist, a fear to be rejected, or are you afraid of the opposite sex? My biggest fear is probably getting a bad health unfortunately there is only limited things you can do about it.

ok i’ll admit a lil fear of mine…

being alone and not being loved…

Story of my life. It makes you hard, cold and uninterested in humans. It saves money and dissapointments though.

One of my biggest fears is a coma state. To have a fully working consciousness mind combined with completely paralyzed body.

Hookers will cost you money! :slight_smile:

Yes, but you get an opportunity to unload for your money. :slight_smile:

Da_Taxman :stuck_out_tongue:

death, illnesses

I used to be scared of everything and everyone. Now, nothing much scares me.

Horses… yup that’s right Horses! :eek: Besides that, losing loved ones.

For me death, the opposite sex and high places. Opposite sex gets me the most, because of the treatment feeling of loathing I got at school but you don’t need to hear about that.

Clowns!!! :eek:

Mimes!!! :confused:

Never step on a land mime!!!

Generally just radical people with planned agenda’s…sickos

Mine is likely (aside from heights) being continuously overlooked or not given an opportunity to do exactly what I’m best trained/educated for.

i need to add bad burns, and POF’s

Am I the only one that fears clowns. :confused:

I fear what my life is about. :slight_smile:

Yup, you and johnny bravo :slight_smile:

What about the fear of saying something that sounds great in your head…but when it comes out it sounds really stupid …REALLY stupid …you know like “when we get married…”

Whahahahahahaha, you said that to numbers. :bow: :bow:

Man, did he get a shock or what!! :stuck_out_tongue:

NO i didn’t say it to him…matter of fact he said it to ME!!!