What do you do?



So, what do you do to make a living?

Student, Engineer, etc.

If you're a student, what are you majoring in (or, if you're not in college yet, what are you planning to major in?).


hey up buddy

Quality Engineer in the motor industry(interior Trim for Jaguar s-type)

wheres the english new version xxl mate ?.

:cool: respect SDG


I’m a student. I started in computerscience, but I didn’t like that, so now I’m taking history.



I am a quality engineer too


Information technology consultant/software engineer


Boilermaker/Welder,main work in marine industry(boat building)


Design engineer aircraft wire-harnesses.


Tax consultant for one of the leading firms in its field…and a 8th year student…

Not quite what you’d expect perhaps, nothing to do with computers at all… :wink:


Student on a technical program…:Z
Think when it’s over I’ll do something completly different… :slight_smile:


Nice to see other engineers here! :cool:
I worked for five years as a machine operator (lathes, milling and drilling machines etc) for a company that makes winches for the oil industry, mainly for anchor handling tugs and drilling platforms.

I got fed up, went to school and educated me to be a mechanical engineer. Works now at the test bed on a marine diesel engine plant.
Heh, what the heck am I doing on a computer forum, BTW? :confused:


Assistant System Designer.

It’s my job to check and get the reports on hardware that is used in medical systems , which go from Computing Tomography (CT scanner) to MRI , to X-RAY to whatever medical you can think of.

In patient and non patient environments in hospitals its VERY VERY important that all hardware is compliant with all the international laws and settings. (See www.ul.com , www.csa.com , www.kema.nl , www.tuv.de and the scariest of them all … www.fda.gov).

Usually it’s reports gathering , that goes from complete computer systems (for instance a Dell server) to a new cd writer.

Occasionaly it’s testing things … and that means testing them completely …( Electromagnetic) radiation , heat , humidity , shock , vibration , short circuit and all other fun stuff. (It’s cool to put 2000 Volts to a regular scsi case).

and sometimes its designing new stuff , which then has to comply to international and all national laws around the globe. This can be very very difficult ,because the usa has its 110 Volts and euroe had its 240V , but in Danmark you need other fuses than you require in Japan …

But it’s fun looking and searching for confidential documents :slight_smile:
And i get to internet a LOT :slight_smile:


Student finishing 8th grade. Planning to be a programmer.

No, I ain’t dreamin… I have experienced knowledge with Visual Studio 7.NET enterprise (VB, VC++, and VC#, as well as Java).


LOL Rocket Scientist (propulsion)


well i feel kinda embaressed to say what i do after reading about all you peaple and your careers. i know growing up and living your life in a caravan is no excuse but i’m a male prostitute and partime adult film star. as glamorous as it sounds its not all glits and glitter

you all make me feel even more depressed with my life after reading of all your prosperous vocations…now i must go and die


sherman1…i hope you are kiddin…because i hate those kind of humour


if he killed himself…you can have is job…


at least he gets some :slight_smile:


One month of eighth grade left. Definately looking into tech/computers.

at least he gets some



out of work hairdresser (and physics nobel committee)


Own a computer business and also work a full time job…


I.T. assistant for local goverment. Pretty boring but it pays the bills.