What do you do with your wasted media?



I have stacks of test burns etc and I end up dumping them in the bin. However this just seems enviromentally unfriendly.

Any ideas for how to dispose of them sensibly?


Polycarbonate itself can be recycled (I suppose) but the dye and label/ink used on it may contain many toxic componements
I think that the dustbin is your only choice.


Looking at your avatar, I’d say either play ring toss with your man-place or glue them onto your roof and signal ET “phone home”.

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I just bought an Identity Guard Media Destroyer and Paper Shredder for $20 after a Staples Easy Rebate of $10. This little dynamo is heavy duty but compact in size. It can easily shred media, including floppies, credit cards, and staples. No one will be able to rebuild your discs to steal your personal data. And it’s really small so it can be stowed easily. If you do a lot of paper shredding then spend $70-80 to get a shredder with a full width slot for paper that can handle media as well.

If your real question is how to handle media in an environmentally safe way… either use it to build something, use it in art, or give one to hikers/campers as a mirror and reflective rescue device. I once saw pics of someone that built a computer case out od discs.

Otherwise, there is no real environmentally safe way to dispose/reclaim CD/DVD media that I have ever heard of. If you find a way, I sure would be interested!


It would be great if someone came up with a way to make a cd/dvd case (for paper sleeved dvd) out of these somehow.
It would be sturdy, thin and light.

Other than that, hang them in windows to catch the sun, and when all your windows are full, move on :slight_smile:

I saw a post or article somewhere and there was some serious thought given to it, but nothing too usefull.


Being up way too early today I started looking around for ways to recycle. Also, what better way to celebrate my 100th post on CDFreaks than with an environmental safety message. :flower:

From http://www.obviously.com/recycle/guides/hard.html:
“Obsolete or unrepairable CD’s and cases can be recycled. Recordable CD-R’s have about 20mg of gold that can be recovered, and some processors can actually remove the data layer, and reuse the plastic disc.” “Since CD’s are not very valuable, nobody will pay you for recycling. Send pre-paid by UPS Ground, third-class mail, freight or other surface transportation to NESAR Systems, 420 Ashwood Road, Darlington, PA 16115 (724)827-8172 or Digital Audio Disk Corporation, Attention: Disc Recycling Program, 1800 Fruitridge Ave., Terre Haute, IN 47804-1788, (812) 462-8323a”

Another webiste (http://www.bu.edu/recycling/OffCampus.html) states:
“To recycle CD’s and jewel cases, send pre-paid package mailed to:
Plastic Recycling Incorporated
2015 South Pennsylvania
Indianapolis, IN 46225.

From http://www.yesmagazine.org/article.asp?ID=873:
“GreenDisk, an organization headquartered in Sammamish, Washington, cleanly disposes of and recycles electronic media devices (including CDs, DVDs, and jewel cases) and most other forms of “techno trash.” EcoDisk, based in Tacoma, Washington, offers a similar service. Both organizations require a small payment to cover the costs of recycling. To learn more, call either organization or visit their website: GreenDisk (www.greendisk.com); EcoDisk (www.ecodisk.com) 888/797-SOFT.”

A place to start looking for recyclers is http://www.co.contra-costa.ca.us/depart/cd/recycle/options/mcds.htm. Although this is a website in California, there are links that might help anyone in the USA.

In essence, look for a plastics recycler (polycarbonate) in your area such as http://www.lacerta.com/recycling/competec.htm.

Elsewhere in the world:

The Brits seem to have their act together with sites like these: http://www.reuze.co.uk/cds.shtml and http://www.applegate.co.uk/products/psz/48076.htm.

An old CDFreaks thread I found said that media must be recycled in Germany: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=111176. Too bad the link to the PDF doesn’t work. Then again, neither does my german.

Good luck.