What do you do when your audio CD's get dirty?

I was thinking of buying those clean agents that they sell. Are those safe to use on my original audio CD’s? I don’t want to use them if it’ll affect the longevity of my discs. Thanks.

I may get jumped on by purists for this but I just use a gentle eyeglass cleaner and a soft non linting cloth. I rub across the disc not in a circular pattern. Don’t know if it makes a difference but I was told this a long time ago and just do it. I haven’t done it too often mind you they are probably best left alone. Mine always go back in their case after use.

A friend told me a while back that he removed his kids sticky candy goo finger prints from a couple of cd’s in mild dish water and rinsed the discs under lukewarm water. CD discs are apparently more durable than DVD discs that way.
Warning!!! Use any advice with caution :wink:

Green soap (no chemicals) works wonders…
And always work your way from the inner circle outwards in straight lines, never circular motions. That way, if you do scratch, the error correction might still be able to correct it because only few neighbouring holes are damaged…

i would just like to add to tax`s post.

if the soap doesn`t work then try with toothpaste using the same method.

I’m not sure that toothpaste is a good isea, because some of these are a little abrasive.

Yes that works fine, but you really should be gentle with that… it’s quite easy to permanentely damage a disc when using toothpaste.

Myself, I always backup my original discs and play the backups. Esp when I use them in the car!

the abrsive nature of the toothpaste is why its better than soap at removing stuburn marks. but like dee-ehn said gently does it

i had some discs that had been kept in a cheap cd wallet and most of the discs have white oxidation spots i manged to get them working again using toothpaste.

Some Experts Recomend “BRASSO”…supposed to be Excellent!