What do you do when you have to wait for a couple of hours?

The last time I had to wait for a plane I was lucky to have someone around to talk to. I’ve seen many people doing all kinds of things, sleeping, listening to music, staring, portable gaming and some even read books! :wink:

What kind of person are you when you have to wait and what has been your longest wait?

i had to spend an entire night in an airport…my flight was delayed so I missed my connection that was supposed to go from DC to Houston. i got into the airport at 7pm and the next flight out wasn’t until 8am the next morning.

haha i cried for a while, talked to another girl that was throwing a fit about having to sleep alone in the airport terminal, read an entire book, and slept with the towel that was in my suitcase as a blanket because the AC was on and i was FREEZING.

douglas adams was right: don’t go anywhere without your towel.

I have a PSP so take a good guess :wink:

Actually the longest wait ever was about five or six hours at the social security (a little money for the unemployed). I just got kicked out of school and was looking for jobs everywhere. In the meantime i was curious about and how that system works, so i tried it out.

So on a good morning i went to the social security office and waited… and waited… and waited for five freaking hours! When i complained they replied “You don’t have a job so you can afford to wait”. I was baffled and impressed by this ultimate use of logic, but brought a book at the next meeting. The book was as big as the entire Lord of The Rings volume. At that next meeting i read for about four hours. It was fun to spend time waiting and reading. All the other people who were waiting there were kinda jelaous i had a nice book with me.

Luckily i got a job the next day, so i never had to use social security. But it was a nice experience regarding the social system.

The longest I’ve had to wait was 5 hours … because a train engine ahead of mine broke down and they needed to get a couple extra from 200KM’s away to drag the damn thing to the first point that the tracks split into another pair.

I had a chat to an old lady beside me … and laughed at the idiots froliccing in the 40degC heat … outside the train.

Hmmm … air-conditioned train … 40degC ++ outside … lets open all the doors …

Humans are doomed to extinction … due to their own stupidity.

take a nap.

I have recently added games to my cell phone that I play… otherwise that nap sure sounds good!!!

I think 2 hours is the most i’ve ever been delayed. I read a book.

Transport-wise, I’ve only ever had to wait for trains and buses.

Luckily, the trains I’ve had to wait for haven’t been delayed long.

The longest waits I usually get these days is at the doctor’s surgery, which is a nightmare - longest wait there has been an hour. A surgery waiting room is probably my worst nightmare, so obviously I try not to go too often (probably twice a year if I’m lucky and don’t catch anything worth a doctor’s visit).

Personally I prefer non stop public masterbation!!! Of course if I know in advance that I am going to have to wait, I might bring a book…

A 13 1/2 hour layover at Schiphol was the longest wait in an airport…4 1/2 hours sitting in a plane at Denver awaiting clearance for takeoff during a blizzard (We had to be de-iced three times)…
I never travel without at least 24 hours of music in hand and a copy of the Financial Times…Something about the Pink Paper makes me feel so macho…
And I enjoy watching people, with Heathrow and San Francisco being my favorites…

I read a book. It’s nice to use a public place like an airport or subway station to read books since I don’t have to pay for the electricity, air-conditioning, etc. myself. So it’s not just a waste of time but just another way to use the available resources. (At home, I rarely had air conditioning and not even a fan in this summer.)

I tend to spend the time chain smoking (not good at all).

Longest actual wait. Probably a few months back when I had to wait about 13 hours to be able to go home.