What do you do when CDFreaks forum is not available?



I was reading and replying to some posts and then the page became suddenly inaccessible. The entire community server seemed out of service while the other server responsible for the main page (news, etc.) was still going on.

What’s your response? (If you experienced such things while browsing CDFreaks forums.)


i think cdrinfo isn’t an option :slight_smile:
we could go any site, except cdrinfo.
for example a good site for music lovers


I comment with other people that the forum is down :stuck_out_tongue: or I go to school and when I’m back, it’s up! :smiley:


I go insane. CDFreaks is my only hobby.
There should be I am insane. CDFreaks is my only hobby. Just for me :wink:


i start eating my keyboard or something like that… :smiley: :bigsmile: :stuck_out_tongue:


I go into withdrawal. :stuck_out_tongue: I visit RPC1.org and CDRLabs.com. CDRI’s forum atmosphere doesn’t quite fit my taste…

Options that I would’ve voted for, except they weren’t on the poll…

  • Visiting CDRLabs (which I do anyway, but more frequently if CDF is down).
  • IMing other CD Freaks and making sure that it’s not a problem on my side and then talking to them about the effects of withdrawal. :stuck_out_tongue:


I go insane. CDFreaks is my only hobby.
Airhead, cerberus, code65536, merther02
4 66.67%
I spam Dominator.
Airhead, cerberus
2 33.33%


I go to bed then, so I voted for the second :stuck_out_tongue:


Methinks, all of the above, depending on my mood :stuck_out_tongue:

Although luckily, I’m out of the mass timezone, so it has a tendency to go down late at night here, when I’m almost ready for bed anyway :stuck_out_tongue:


I go and make a cup of Tea, and by the time I have returned, it’s normaly back up and running :iagree:


I go too videohelp.com and doom9.org and a few other sites


I go to www.voyeurweb.***

Moderator note: actual URL concealed to spare Gil from embarrassment.


Between here and www.inthemix.com.au - there is no downtime, I can always post dribble.


aaaaaaaaaaand inthemix is down!


this place goes down…??? that wasn’t in the sign up…


/me hauls Sexy_Southerners’ mind out of the sewer, back into the gutter where it belongs.


hey wait …thats NOT my mind…your touching there Mister…lets see both those hands…



I wanted to spam Domi, but PM wasn’t working and I couldn’t remember his email … so I started making coffee and after 5 minutes something snapped.

My colleagues still are afraid to come near me … mwhoehahahahahaha!!

Btw, what happend? Did MP|3 tripped over the plug? :bigsmile:


When the forum is down i go back to work


I join the IRC and spam the channel. Often with mindless nonsense.