What do you all say about those 'Combo' units?

Since my CD reader is broken = ) I’m picking one of those Combination units (CD Recorder+DVD)…

I’ve searched for the specifications of the Samsung, Toshiba e LG models (HP is very expensive) and the LG model sounded good in price and other technical specs. Here is something (basic info):

Modell CD-RxCD-RWxCDxDVD Buffer Size CD(S/AT) DVD(S/AT)

SD-R1002 4x4x24x4 2MB 6.000/105 16.200/120
SD-R1102 8x8x32x8 2MB 5.472/105 10.816/140
SD-R1202 16x10x40x12 2MB 3.600/105 6.536/140

SM-308B 8x4x32x8 2MB 4.800/120 10.800/140
SM-316B 16x10x40x12 2MB 6.000/110 16.200/120

GCC-4120B 12x8x32x8 2MB 4.800/100 11.080/120

HP 9900CI (Very Expensive. Discarded.)

What do you say? It’s a good option or I should forget about?

Probably you all know very much about this kind of hardware, so please, put whatever comments do you have/know about those units, I’d like to spent my money right this time.

Thanks for you all!

Since it was a poorly recorded backup of Max Payne that brought about the untimely demise of your cd-rom you might take into consideration that many “affordable” cd recorders, like the Lite-On 24/10/40 can make working backups of sd2 protected software. I’ve never seen anything that would indicate that any of those combo drives could do this. Also take into consideration that if a combo unit brakes down you lose your DVD player AND your cd recorder.
I’n my opinion if you can find a similarly priced cdrw and separate dvd-rom, and assuming you can acomodate both in your pc, you should go for that option. Just my opinion thought.

you can check for reviews at CDR-Info

RedStar, about your reply:

You can’t believe how grateful I am to hear that. I’ve got the same answer of a friend that have a recorder and know much more than me about recording (btw the same friend of the Max Payne copy).

(I thought that no one would answer my question)


well DArch, I’m glad I was of some assistance, but don’t take my opinion as some sort of dogma :slight_smile: (though I do wish some times people would :wink: ) it’s just an opinon based on the criteria that I hold significant in this particular subject. I never liked combo units of any sort because I don´t like to trade off performance and flexibility for the convinience that they provide. I feel that for the same amount of money you can get better performance out of a separate DVD-ROM and CD-Rewriter, and if there’s one of them that you wish to change without changing the other you can.

Just my 0.2$

I do wish someone else would post their opinion on this…don’t want to feel responsible for possibly changing your mind with bad advice :slight_smile:

Check out this frontpage posting:

Maybe it helps out a bit.