What do use to clean disks?

i’m starting to buy alot used ps1,saturn,dreamcast,ect,ect disks… they always have dust or smudges, fingerprints… … is there something special to use to clean these disks or just a piece of cloth?

how’s that 4 a noOb question …ha ha


I buy eyeglass cleaner and use a clean lint free cotton handkerchief then polish scratches with a repair(cd/dvd) polish very very carefully, every now and then
I run into some disks with a film that turns milky when cleaned, probably some disk doctor crud, those I wash in warm soapy water and redo.

Excellent advice…and if all else fails take the disks to your local DVD rental place. They usually have a machine that buffs slight imperfections out of DVDs for a small fee.

One of the local blockbusters has one that other stores send disks down to have done,
hard to find titles and all, it must have cost several hundred dollars, it makes them good as new, takes a while also.

For pressed discs, I tend to use a Disc Doctor (or Disc Clinic or something)…works for me. I wouldn’t use it for burned discs, though.

awesome. thanks guys.

Rbrtpl - what brand of eyeglass cleaner & repair(cd/dvd) polish do you use?
Stroppy- i’m going to buy one of those machines, not just yet - but in the next few months. The volume of disks that will be coming & leaving my hands here will warrant it. When it’s time I’ll let you know, I’ll need your advice when it comes to getting a good machine.

(lost in space …aww yeahh!) remember that kids cartoon w/ jim nabor and ruth buzzy back in the 70’s …it was KROFT production…wasn’t it called lost in space also? :bigsmile: Thanks Again.

walmart and maxell when I can find it

careful hand cleaning works wonders once you master the technique

I use a Quantray microfiber lens cleaning cloth. The same one I use on my digital SLR camera lenses. It works great for dust and light stains…dog slobber, milk, iced tea and (dont ask) strawberry jam.

They are availible at most camera stores, if you can’t find a Quantray…any good major lens manufacturer should have one (Nikon, Sigma, Tamron, ect). Or go to www.adorama.com

thanks a second time around then.