What do u think of windows



Hi there people
People always so that Windows is crap and unreliable. But how many of you who say that run windows? Quite a lot probably. I am going to run a poll to see what people really think of Windows. I personally think windows is good but it does have some down sides like relaibitly.
Please answer i think the poll will be intresting, thanks very much

Please remember windows is the one OS that u can install and then it runs straight away most of the time. I know Linux does to but u have to mess around with drivers and stuff.


It very much depends on which version of Windows you run as well, and what you plan to do with it.

Even though Linux may be more stable, i prefer the GUI and ease of use of Windows. Windows2000 professional has become very stable at last, now that most hardware have compatible drivers for it. My uptime record is over 6 weeks with Win2k…

So you can say I am very content with it, the best investment I made, softwarewise (yes, I bought it)


Same here: I started with Win3.11, followed by 95, 98, 98SE and now running ME. Its reliablity is sometimes crappy but most of the time it runs very well…

The reason I don’t use Linux or whatever is because of the easy use of Windows. The GUI is excellent and installing a new Windows version (which has to be done every 3 months or so ;)) takes about 30 mins without any problems here.



Windows r0x
Only Win2k :slight_smile:


running Win98 at the moment…it’s ok…problem is that Ms has a monopoly position in case of running games and apps…Linux is great but how many games or apps are competible with LInux compared to Windows?


Now I have got Windows 98 installed om my PC but I think that I will install Windows XP this weekend…I hope it doesn’t cause a lot of probs because I’d like to relaxe in the :slight_smile: sun :slight_smile:


Nobody has even mentioned Macs yet, only Linux as an alternative. Perhaps that corresponds to the Windows/Mac ratio in the market.

I use both about equally, definitely prefer Mac for getting through stuff, rather than fiddling all the time.


Running at the moment 98se and millenium on my laptop.
It works fine for me here but he` its windows hehehe :slight_smile:


No probs with Windows, I only hate it when i got a stupid error so i couldn’t save my work :frowning:


One thing that bugs me (I run Win2k and 98Se, cant stand ME) is the resource problem with all versions of Windows (“Windows cant continue coz it aint got any more resources stuff”). The Interface is ok with peeps probably because thet are so familiar with it (at home, work etc).


windows sux cause of the recources it hogs,windows is good cause of the support it has in it and drivers…ect,hell microsoft cant even keep windows running for longer than 48 days without reboting,windows has alot of software for it but they charge you for most of it…i prefer to use linux because it is stable, free,you have 100% control over it unlike windows you dont…and if i wanna change something in linux i can, i can rewrite the source code to make my own customizations…ect if i want…hell if i wanna give a copy of linux to someone i can unlike windows where it is illegal to do…anyways they are both ways to control your tool(aka computer) theres certain things i cant do in linux that i have to do in windows, where as there are certain things i have to do in linux that windows cant handle…im a slackware user but i may use suse once in awhile…no flames here i hate when ppl flame about operating systems look at the unix wars in the 80`s…anyways im gonna get drunker and play UT on my linux box…L8tr pplz !!! if ya need help then RTFM !!!


Thanks people, for all your reply’s. Windows can do things that other systems can’t. But other systems can do things that other things can. But i think that windows 2000 could stay on for more than 48days easily, if not please show me the evidence


Anyone remember GEOS for the C64? ahhh now that was an OS laugh


i used 2000 for awhile but i kept getting the blue screen saying kernel32d.exe was crashed it even did this with the service pack installed…if i had a beefier system i would use 2000 cause i like how it is win 9x and nt combined…but for the server portion i use linux…


Windoze is a virus…j/k… But I run it and havent completely got the hang of linux yet to make it work… Win2000 pro runs pretty though…And it really knocks NT to the side. But I think the longest I have ever seen uptime on a windows box was for bellsouth @7800 hours, it was on the computer that controlls the message boards that display the customer call load and the service level that is being provided. Another box at a different place I worked had Novell and it had’nt been rebooted in 6months…


I use with a lot of pleisure Win2K. It is really stable and works fine for me. I just get blue screens with WinMe. And with Win2K, almost running for a month now, now single blue screen. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

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