What do to if your dealer is busted



Hi all,
what needs to be done if your dealer gets busted,
how bigga risk is the actual buyer running
and what kind of penalty's can be given??


Get your cd’s gone.
Probably they will send you an e-mail are so, with some bla bla bla in it.
But in case they have your adress, if you recently ordered with your dealer and if hasn’t deleted your info then you are in shit.

So my advice to you is get those cd’s the hell out of there!!


what kind of Penalty can i x-pect if i’m only a buyer, not a dealer…

and how far can BSA go…
if they don’t see any CD’s
are they allowed to take my machine
even if i have a original W98 on it
( lame he…)


if you have illegal software on it, it doesn’t matter if you have win98 originally installed, then you can say your pc goodbye.
You might be convicted then for the posses of illegal software.
If you have a cdrwriter, and they don’t see any copied disk, they know that you hided them somewhere. Just make sure that everything is moved out, before they come.
You may leave your vcd’s at home, because they don’t look at that


So basicly if i removed my “illegal” software
b4 the BSA-comes (i’ve a ghostimage of a clean Win98 only placed on my drive & it takes app 2 minutes to restore it)
BSA can kiss my …

Writer-xcuse: Since i’m part of my room is a music studio, i’ve to write the tracks, i make myself to a CD…


Yes, they can kiss your xxx, and they can clean it up then to.


you can assuce them too!
I traded with a guy, the BSA did a raid by him and found nothing
He wasn’t home, he did an accusation and he get’s a claim of 10000 NL guilders
I like that guy!

writer excuse? a writer is legal!

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More fun:
In case of BSA, made a error, i can
f-kin throw a lawsuit against them.
because they broken my “good” name…
hypothetical spoken: if they come to my house,
and i tell them , they can come in to search, but if they don’t find anything, they
will pay 100.000DFL of Euro, due to the fact that it is “laster”(Sorry cannot think of a English word for this)…
if they agree with a witness, it would mean that even in court the judge will say:



Let me see if I understand this,

Let’s say that you ordered some cd’s from
a guy that gets busted. You hear about it
and you make sure that you get rid of all
your cd’s. Then the BSA comes and they
find nothing.

They don’t do anything ?

In my case, a friend of mine ordered some
cd’s at SNOOP CD’s and Prutser.
When FUNSOFT got busted they found adresses.


I never send my adress but my friend send
his a couple of times.
What is the chance that I get busted ?

So what I want to know exactly is :

  1. Did SNOOP and/or Prutser ordered cd’s at

  2. What does the BSA do when they come
    into your house and they find nothing ?

  3. What danger is there for me if my adress
    is not known by the dealers ?

Please help me and answer to these questions


Tha Sentinel



Eveybody who ordered at Sunsoft will be visited or will receive a letter about copyright infringment. Just like a couple of months ago. The day the news came out we were curious, not worried cos quickly we spoke with several people who might know more. Apart from that we get all our stuff directly form private ftp’s. We don’t buy from other dealers, especially not from dealers who keep adresses.

I can tell that Snoop doesn’t keep his adresses, but if he bought from Sunsoft I don’t know…

We can assure you and everybody that we’re safe,

The Replicator & CD-Jay,


i don’t think SNOOp ordered at Funsoft cause I asked him if he heard about the FUnsoft bust and he never hard of them so…
From prutser i don’t know, i hope not cause i traded with him a few times so…


keep your vcdz ???
ive lost 300 vcdz they took them also.


wat een geluk (BULSHIT) allemaal, jullie fukken elkaar op…
opsporing in nederland deugt niet alleen verraders werk , dus gedraag je netjes naar je klanten hou je afspraken hou ook je mede dealers te vriend. zorg dat je je zaken besteld via een postbus op andersman naam. dan is het risico nihil…zorg in ieder geval NOOIT dat je adres en naam bekend staat bij een dealer…alleen als je zeker weet dat hij zijn zaken goed geregeld heeft… ik ben ruim een dikke 4 jaar actief in het wereldje en al die jaren heb ik mijn adressenlijst in een txt document staan op een mail server…dus niks op mijn pc…ik verdien goed met de handel op de software die ik gebruik origineel te kopen ,tl en cb en andere warez heb ik niet in huis…
veiligheid gewaarborgd dus…zowel voor mij als voor mijn klanten…

denk je nou echt dat de bsa zich druk maakt omdat jij win98 niet legaal op je pc hebt staan…? denk nou eens na…het gaat hun om de dealers waarvan zij denken die een grote omzet hebben…de c crew kocht per jaar over de 10000 gulden aan cd’s bij funsoft, bij de inval bij funsoft werd een lijst gevonden met naamen adressen en telefoonnummer en bestellingen dat was dus makkelijk…alleen jkammer voor hun dat die jongen zijn zaken goed voor elkaar had…ik denk dat hij na overleg met zijn advocaat ook zijn pc’s terug krijgt…