What do TDK CD-RXG not work?

Hi all.

I searched th forums and google but found nothing on this so here is my question: :slight_smile:

I tried copying an audio cd to TDK CD-RXG special audio media with my LiteOn 40x CD-RW at 12x in Nero. It didn’t work - upon trying to play it in a cd player it tried to read it for a while then said no disc.

I then thought it might be my technique or something so I copied it in Clone CD to a normal cd-r and everything was fine.

I then thought it might have been the media or nero so I tried burning the cd in clone cd with the TDK CD-RXG media and the same thing as before happened.

Anyone know what could be causing this?


Hi again!

Just found out why with a much more grueling search on google. The TDK CD-RXG media are for standalone CD-Recorders and not for PC CD-R’s.

Trust the HMV shop assistant to tell my Mum the wrong information :frowning:

They should work just fine in a computer drive, apart from the fact that they’re TDK probably made by CMC.

No, every TDK audio disc I’ve ever seen was TDK-made, using a deep-blue dye and it says “Isopure dye technology” on the cover. But the burn looks REALLY mottled here, very odd.

Well it was a waste of my mum’s £6 I know that much :frowning:

I now have 2 coasters which is quite annoying.

I hate having coaster cuz I never know whether to throw them or not just incase I need them :smiley:

Hey mrsnail

i realise its been a long time since this thread was active - but i had a similar problem with some tdk cds and a lite-on writer - what did you finally decide the cause was? Cheers mate, laters


Heh, this takes me back :slight_smile:

It ended up as I thought - the TDK CD-RXG special audio media turned out to only be for standalone cd writers - for example the ones you plug into your hi-fi set up.

So I’m guessing that data probably can’t be burned onto them. Although there may be a way to record some music onto them perhaps ?

I’m not sure. I just bought some regular cd’s instead :slight_smile:

Thank you all. I am new to CD burning and I found that recording TDK CD-RXG kept failing. Now I know why. In fact you gave me a great idea. I was going to discard my CDs but now I am going to tunr them into coasters!!


I have some of these discs, they’re MADE IN JAPAN by TDK in-house and they were very good discs in their time. Unfortunately, LiteON does not have a unique write strategy for these discs in any of their drives and therefore the write quality with these discs will more than likely be poor. BTW, these discs are 1x-8x rated, so if you want the best results, stick to the low end speeds.


Sorry to re-vive this thread but I registered to post this response after a search on google.

I just spent half the morning selecting and ripping a compilation CD for my girlfriend, after buying 5 TDK CD-RWXG CDs last night for like 9 pounds (rip off)

I come to play the CD after making it just to test, and my CD player says “No CD” it looks like you guys have encountered the same problem. After reading this thread I now know why.

However, I am very angry that it was not made clear on the CD packaging that it would not work on CD players. To new comers to burning like myself who burns CDs once in a blue moon it was understood that “CD-R” means I can copy music onto this CD and play it on my CD player. On the back of the CD case it clearly states CD-R. How the hell is the average person supposed to know that a “CD-RXG” won’t work on CD players?

Meh, there’s nothing I can do but it makes me feel better to rant :frowning: