What do PI/PIF and Bitsetting do?

What is PI/PIF and Bitsetting and what do they do?

I know this is explained in lots of long articles, but since im a total noob to dvd burning (i still have to buy one) it would be nice to know so i can make a decision which burner i have to buy. Does PI/PIF have anything to do with copy-protections or something? Since i hate cracks and always make a nice 1:1 backup of my safedisc protected games.

PI/PIF is error testing for dvd quality(quality of the burn).Only certain burners can do this testing(Plextor,BenQ and lite-on).
Bitsetting is making a DVD+R disc a dvd-rom disc.This makes it easier for older dvd players to play new + discs(older players sometimes have problems recognizing + media).

That’s all i need to know. Thanks :smiley:

your welcome.