What Do People Do With Their Old Games?

I have Command & Conquer the original, which doesn’t work in anything but DOS. Cost me £34.99 back in the day, seems a waste to just throw these oldies away.

Just wondered what everybody else does with there old games.

I leave them sitting in their trays and slowly turning into unreadable pieces of plastic… But thats me.

I play them once in a while. Playing SamNMax and Full Throttle at the moment.

really old games: throw them away - try selling @ ebay is useless for old pc-games…
i collected those a long time, but it’s absolutely useless. they don’t work, you don’t play 'em any more and they are only standing around with no use…
so, it does not make any difference, if you keep 'em or throw 'em away… if you throw them away, you only have more space for new games… :wink:

Classics i keep, others i give away.

yeah, it’s a real shame. The older games seem more inventive than the newer ones. I loved the Wing Commander and Star Wars series for the PC, but can’t play them on XP…although someone said if one had 2000 installed, there’s something about 2000 that still lets you play those. I had finally broken down and gotten Starfleet Academy (the full set), played it, finished it and loved it (really like an entire separate storyline to the Star Trek Original Cast universe), but then it appears Interplay went out of business. So, in all the ones Interplay put out, even if you wanted to play them and could, many had patches that were needed to correct bugs they didn’t account for. B/c their site is not around, there’s no way to get the patches, therefore, couldn’t play them if you wanted. :sad: It’s amazing how sorry things like that are–if you aren’t going to get money for it, just make it a free release instead of making sure no one can use it or even find it. :a