What do I use to turn my MPEG-2 into a DVD


I know this must be here on the site somewhere but I have been searching for a long time with no luck.

I have a MPEG-2 file that I created from an old VHS tape. What program should I use to burn it to DVD? I tried to use Nero 6 but it would not let me place my mpg file into the video_ts folder. Do I need to change it back to the VOB files I had prior to my editing?

I am having a tough time and would really appreciate some advice. Thanks so much.


What you need is an authoring program to convert the single MPEG2 file to those subdivided .VOB files in a VIDEO_TS folder (plus the other .IFO and .BUP files).

You could try DVD Styler (freeware), which will make you a menu too. The program will author to a VIDEO_TS folder on your hard drive, which you can then burn using the ‘DVD-Video’ template of Nero. An alternative to the latter burning process would be ImgBurn in ‘Build’ mode…

Thanks so much. I will download that program you mentioned.

you know there is so many ways to do this these days that ur actually spoiled for choice. Maybe try the VSO “Convert X to DVD”. I use this for when i get sick fed up watching divx/xvids on my kiss player, ill stick it to dvd. Very good program. Ive been around since about 1998 and ive tried alot of them, this is one of the best ones :wink: TMPGdvd author would also do it. If u look under under downloads at my forum, youll find it there. Very simple to use. Ull need winrar to unzip it :wink: