What do i use to copy files from harddrive to cd?



What FREE programs can i use to copy files from my hard drive to cdrw?????


you can use adeptec easycd creator you can
drag and drop files and then burn it on cdrw
you can download it at www.cdrsoft.net


NERO would be the best alternative… currently rated as no1 in my eyes and many mores… its easy to use and give a great final copy… you can also grab it from cdrsoft. mentioned above… or their new version (if you can find an valid download)serials are lying around if you look. as a suggestion though, I’ve found due to low cd quality and the amount we generaly are willing to pay… in your case involving important information… use KODAK GOLD ULTIMA cds anything else your risking info. loss. mave fun… and don’t amke to many coasters…GAuN