What do I need?

Dear Friends
It’s down to crunch time for me. I need to make my purchases and get going. What I need (one last time) is your advice of hardware and software that has worked for you. I’d especially like it if there is someone out there with some of the specs that are similar to mine that have had good to excellent results with the products they’ve used. I’ll reiterate that I am one who does want the best results so please whatever you’ve used to achieve results you’re happy with let me know all involved. I also ask that you be as simple in your explanation as possible, for I am unfamiliar with many of the products and terms that you’ve been good enough to give me in the past. Here is the gist of my previous posts & again Thanks.
I want to be able to transfer some older family VHS & 8mm tapes to DVD and also to copy some DVD movies to DVD (Being able to duplicate the original of either so it’s hard to tell the difference). If it helps, looking at my systems properties it says that I have a AMD Anthlon™ XP 1800+ (processor), 256 megs of RAM, I use Windows 98SE, and have about 33 gigs (of 60 gig) available on my Hard Drive, a 3D fx Voodoo Banshee Display Driver, and I don’t know what else.
Thanks for all your help
& God Bless
Uncle Bob

Moved to the video forum. I think you will find what you need here, and in the transcoding forum.
What hardware you buy doesn’t much affect what you will be doing, but suggest you get a dedicated capture device rather than using a video card to capture your home movies. the resulting quality will be much better.

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You can use DVD Decrypter to do “1:1” copies of your DVDs.