What do I need?



I used to use Nero with my Any DVD/CloneDVD to just change my Bit format to -. Now I have upgraded to a B R and Win7 it won’t work. I hate to pay 69.00 to just get something to change my bit!! Now I also do slide shows with a lot of old PICS. Is there something that I could up grade to that will do both? I just want to get the best bang for the buck:) I already have Pro Show Gold that I use but :What the Hey:?
Thanks for your time


Bitsetting/booktyping isn’t needed for Blu-ray so I presume you’re still wanting it for DVDs.

Check out ImgBurn.

IMO it’s the best burning software out there and best of all it’s free.

I’ve moved this thread for you as the other sub-forum is for discussion of Nero Recode and related products only. :flower: