What do I need?

I used to hire the odd vhs years ago
and I d copy maybe 9 or 10 mins from the film and then
take the film back to the vid shop

Now I ve got a dvd recorder and I d really like to do the same with any dvd I hire ie just copy a few bits and pieces

I  got  an  old  Bardot   film   on  disc    The  Bride  I  think  it  was

it was in black and white and I could copy bits onto a dvd-r disc no problem
Next I got an exercise dvd and a blue box came up
unable to record etc so therefore I asume the dvd was encoded

Can anyone point me in the right direction as to what I should get ie software etc.

My comp is nearly 4 years old
it has a cd burner will I have to get a dvd burner ?

I ve got 2 dvd recorders

thanks for any advice

What you want to do is a violation of copywrite laws and not allowed. We only support legitimate backup copies of material you actually own. Do a little reading in the FAQ and stickies so you can become familiar with the forum rules and what is allowed.

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