What do i need to use a SATA 20A1S

I have a NF7-S 2.0 Abit mobo…

that has

Silicon Image 3112A SATA RAID controller

You’ll need to elaborate a bit more on what it is that your asking. :confused:

Ok, I basically want to make sure that I can use the SATA 20A1S Lite On Drive, Im assuming the only thing i need is that my mobo is compatible, which i cannot find out. If there is more than that I need to know, that would probably be helpfull as well.

From what I’ve read Sata dvd burners have better compatibility with motherboards that have the intel chipsets. For your motherboard you could use the microsoft drivers instead of the nvidia drivers. Tomorrow I’ll test a nvidia chipset mobo that I have by using a adaptec pci sata card to see if my samsung 183L will work correctly. Maybe that can be helpful to you in some way. :wink:

yes, thank you… was hoping to order tonight, but ill wait for your reply.

I’m using the 20A1S with my Biostar NF4 Ultra mobo without any problems. I would suggest like DVD_ADDICT
said and not use the Nvidia drivers just use the standard Microsoft drivers. I just plugged the 20A1S into the
SATA controler on the mobo and it was reconized no problem. :clap: :slight_smile:

Okay so I couldn’t wait till tomorrow so I installed the Adaptec sata pci card which has the silicon 3112 chipset like your Abit NF7 mobo. It recognizes the Samsung 183L sata burner. I’m ripping one of my backup movies and will burn a disc and post a quality scan hopefully tonight if not then tomorrow morning. :wink:

awesome, thanks so much guys

:bigsmile: The burn went well at 8x speed & the quality scan is good. Only difference I saw was the device buffer went from 99%-100% where as my other computer it was always solid 100%. The other computer has a sata intel chipset on the motherboard. I think you’ll be fine with that silicon 3112 chipset on your Abit mobo. :slight_smile:

Sony DVD+R 16x spd burned at 8x spd w/Sata Samsung 183L that’s connected to a Adaptec sata pci card.

awesome, ill order tomarrow.

So i have it, but i cant seem to find the SATA power connector from my PC power supply…

also no jumper thingy do-dad to put on the drive…

Sounds like you need a jumper thingy do-dad to go with the power plug converter do-dad :wink:

well it says to look for a power thing coming from my power supply there is nothing SATA related coming from my power supply, whats this converter you speak of.

Here you go this is what you’ll need if your power supply doesn’t have a SATA power connector on it. :wink:

Did you buy a retail or oem drive? If it was a oem drive you’ll have to buy a sata power adapter as getit29 pointed out. If you got a retail drive it should have come with the sata power adapter for the drive. There are no jumper settings on a sata dvd burner. :slight_smile: :wink:

One thing I will point out.

I use a NF5 board on my AMD AM2 chip and using the nVidia drivers the whole lot works EXCEPT for the bios tools and flashing. I changed the SATA driver for just the burner channel to use a MS driver (rollback or do a manual driver install from a list) and have had no problems at all since.

The nVidia driver allows use of advanced HDD features so is worth having on the HDD channels.

My Liteon SATA did not come with a powr cable & it was a retail boxed version, luckly I had a spare adaptor floating around and my PSU came with 2 SATA plugs already (but on one cable and murphys’ law dictated that my HDD was to far away from my burner).

My 20A1S was also retail boxed and it did not come with the SATA power adapter cable either
it had the Nero disc and the white face plate and a SATA data cable luckly my power supply
has a few I think 4 or 6 if memory serves me right SATA power connectors on it. :wink: