What do I need to record dvd?

I am confused I have a dvd-rom drive but what do I need to be able to record video?


Please could you be more specific. Do you want to copy DVDs or other Video sources? You say you have a dvd-rom, but that is not enought to copy DVDs. try to be more specific with what you really want to do and then we can give you more details.

Well for instance if I want to record a music video from the net and also yes if I wanted to record a movie.

Sometimes there are some little videos I wouldd love to record and send to my mother but mostly what I do is download a music video from Kazaa and would love to keep them.

What would I need to get this going.
do I need to get a complete different drive or do I just need to get software?

Thanks for responding.:slight_smile:

If you want to copy videos that are under 700 mg you will need a CD-Recorder and a Burning aplication (Nero is among the best or the best - www.ahead.de). That’s all you need. Now if you want to copy movies that are in DVDs then you will need more things.
Have a DVD-Recorder, a Burning aplication (Nero can burn also DVDs). Further, you will need a program to rip the movie to you hard disk (DVD Decrypter or Smartripper) and then a program like DVD2ONE or InstantCopy 7. The need of the ripper is due to the fact that Movies are “crypted” to not allow you to copy them with other means (like the VCR). The need of DVD2ONE or IC7 is because at the moment you can only record on a DVD 4.7Gb of data, now the movies which are in DVDs are usually more than that, so you will need to reduce the size of that DVD to fit into a 4.7gb disk. (on the internet you can find a great source of information about this). I hope i gave you some information if u need something more, please let me know.

Yes you have helped.

So to record DVD’S I need a whole new drive and software but I can record video on to CDR’S or do I have that wrong?

Yes you can record video onto a CD-R (as long it is less than 700mgb, you can create for instance a VCD (Video CD) that can even play in most standalone DVD Players. The Nero Burning Aplication has a wizard that will help you through the process. Very easy.

As to record DVD you will need another driver (DVD-Recorder), which is quite expensive at the moment but it is coming down.