What do I need to make various backups?

I just installed a SONY internal DVD writer.
I had previously installed Anydvd and it is running in the background.
After installing the DVD I played an audio cd and video dvd just to make sure that it worked.
The software that came with the dvd writer is Nero Express.
I loaded that and tried to copy a movie dvd from a dvd reader that I have on my pc to the new Sony.

After a few pop up boxes asking me for libraries or whatever and seemingly no activity on the Nero Express “console” I eventually received a notation saying that the disk was copyprotected or that I didn’t have enough room on the media I was writing to. It is aFujifilm 4.7gb/120min 4x rw disk.
The Nero software was set to write at 4x.
Since the movie I was trying to copy was 112 minutes long I decided to try a different one so I picked a movie that was 84 minutes long.
It still didn’t work.
Then I tried copying an audio cd and got the comment that it was copyprotected. I am not sure if anydvd works with audio.

To make sure that my dvd burner was working I did a backup of some datafiles and they were copied ok.

In reading through this forum I notice that everyone seems to be using clonecd with anydvd.

Is it necessary that I download that also.

I am really getting confused and very frustrated.

Any help would be appreciated. :bow:


Each program has its pros and cons.
It all depends on what you want to accomplish. If you want to backup protecteced CDs/DVDs, you won’t get far with the (standard) programs provided with your hardware.