What do i need to download to bypass copyright message in Roxio?



ok this week i just got a new dell computer. i got dual dvd drives to burn dvd’s directly. the program that came with it, is roxio. i just tried burning a dvd yesterday and i got the copywrite message. what do i need to download to bypass that and where do i get it. also could you give me a description of what the program does. ive been looking on the forums but i am not sure what to download. i have dual drives so im not sure.


i use clonedvd2 and anydvd ,. visit the webpage 4 a free trial www.slysoft.com


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From your “copyright” description, I’m guessing you’re trying to backup a movie?

If so, DVD Shrink is a good freeware option (although not updated anymore)…or you could download CloneDVD2, and run AnyDVD in the background, to remove encryption.

Both AnyDVD and CloneDVD2 are available as 21-day trial versions from www.slysoft.com.

Descriptions from SlySoft:

CloneDVD2 makes perfect backup copies of your unprotected movie DVDs with only 3 mouse-clicks and in less than 20 minutes.

AnyDVD is a Windows-based driver that works automatically in the background to unprotect encrypted movie DVDs. AnyDVD works best with CloneDVD and CloneDVD mobile.


is that all i need then? is one of those two programs to take the copywrite away and burn the dvd


yes m8 i dl the trial version and was so impressed i bought both packages for like £31


anydvd works in the background to remove decryption and clonedvd allows you to remove extras, foreign language audio tracks, etc and it compresses your DL originals to fit a SL disc.

i’ve never used roxio, but you really can’t get much simpler than the clonedvd and anydvd combo.

if you’re looking for a free solution dvd fab decrypter is a free decrypter and you can compress with dvd shrink.


Welcome to the best and most helpful website you may ever use. I suggest you read the rules and FAQ before you do anything else. We must be very careful when talking about copying or removing copyrights. The position here, and not supported by the powers-that-be, is that you are entitled to “back-up” any DVD that you bought and own, much like backing up software.
Having said that, AnyDVD removes the encryption (protection) and CloneDVD2 burns the movie to DVD. Once setup, you never mess with AnyDVD again, it automatically does it’s thing in the background when you access CloneDVD, you don’t have to click on AnyDVD. It is the fastest and easiest backup method out there and the picture quality is excellent (depending on how much it is compressed). The combo will back up SL and DL media, saving it to a folder you make on your HD while burning it to DVD. If the media is bad, you can then copy from the existing file in a fraction of the time because it doesn’t need to rip it again. Well worth the money.
Or…you can use a combination of DVDDecryptor, or DVDFabDecryptor and DVDShrink (to compress) then burn with any DVD burning software (DVDDecryptor will also burn) such as IMGburn (all free) or Nero (pay). but this takes several steps going back and forth between software and can be confusing to a beginner and can take an hour, you pretty much have to stay by your computer the whole time. AnyDVD/CloneDVD take me 8-12 min. burning at 8x, from beginning to end, and I can walk away and have a beer if I want. Give the 21-day trial a shot, you won’t regret it.
Just one last thing, DON’T USE CHEAP MEDIA, Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden are plentiful and cheap, don’t waste you time or money on anything else.


ok i downloaded the free trials of anydvd and clonedvd. how do i use them now?


you can start by reading the very detailed and helpful help file that comes with clonedvd2 and then posting back if you run into any specific problems.

with anydvd you simply double click it, make sure there’s a fox in the taskbar, and it does it’s thing in the background while you process with clonedvd2.


You can also set it anydvd auto start on start up of the PC. Just remember if you like them to buy them.


Here is the manual for CloneDVD: http://elby.ch/products/clone_dvd/manual/index.html
Elby is the developer Slysoft just sells it.
You don’t really have to do anything with AnyDVD, the defaults work fine, you can change them later if you like.
It is simpler than it looks. If you just want to backup the movie, not extras, warnings or crap, just click “Copy DVD Titles” (this is what I use 95% of the time). Use “Clone DVD” for the entire disc and “Write Existing Files” for movies that are already ripped to your HD or DVD backups.
For compressed SL discs click DVD-5 on the bottom, for DL click DVD +/- R DL.
Up top, browse to your drive with the movie, you’ll then see a bunch of files with check boxes. The largest file (usually the first) is the movie, keep that checked. Use the preview window on the left to see if there is anything else you want to keep. If there are 2 large files that are the same size, one is full screen the other widescreen, use the preview window to choose.
On the bottom is a quality bar, Some will disagree, but I can hardly notice a difference at 70% compression or above, below that you will have to decide whether to go to DL or settle for a drop-off in quality. I have a 50" HD Sony and I find the quality fine at 70+%. Some purists will scoff, but I have lent a couple out to friends with 27"-32" TVs and they couldn’t believe it was compressed.
Click Next. On the next screen choose the audio tracks, if you have a home theater make sure you select a 6 track. If you are DTS capable, choose both Dolby and DTS because if you only choose DTS, the track will not play on Dolby only unit.
Click Next. Choose your writer, speed (8x seems to work best for everything, whether 4x or 16x media. Choosing a higher speed may be fine with some drives and media but it only save 3-5 min. and can drastically affect quality IMHO). Make sure “Delete temporary video files” is [B][I]Unchecked[/I][/B] in case the burned disc turns out bad, you can always delete it from your HD later. Choose your videotemp folder (you should have made one earlier :bigsmile: ). Click Go. Come back in approx. 12 min.
Good Luck and Happy burning.


ricoman, i followed the instructions as best i could. i wasnt sure what to select between the DVD-5 or the DVD +/- R DL ? i went with the second one. better resolution. it was 100% the dvd-5 was at 47% i got to the final thing and hit the start button and right now it’s creating dvd files. 40 minutes for this, is this normal? after that is done i throw in the dvd-r and copy it? how long does that take? the movie is seven, it is 2:06 and i think it might be to big for the dvd-r disc.


you choose dvd-5 if you’re backing up to a single layer disc and dvd+/- DL if you’re backing up to a dual layer disc.

that percentage is the quality bar. you can remove titlesets and audio tracks to achieve better quality in dvd-5 mode.

all of this is explained in the help file for the program.


and what is the difference between single layer and dual layer? i know my burner is dual layer.


single layer is a single layer… 1 layer… meaning it can hold 4.7(but really 4.3) gb a dual layer can hold double that… because it has two layers…


it is the type of disc you are backing up to.

a single layer disc only holds 4.7GB (actually less since 1024 bytes = 1kb) and a dual layer disc holds about 8.5GB.

if you bought single layer discs then you choose dvd-5. if you bought dual layer discs then you choose the DL option.


i burned my first dvd. hopefully it works. the only way it would burn was on dvd-5. someone told me dual layer discs are expensive? ill more than likely be back tomorrow. thanks for all the help everyone