What do i need to do? Just got am AMD X2 4600

I have a single core 3500 at the moment, I am expecting a dual core 4400 x2 retail. What do i need to do to my computer before i install the upgrade when it arrives on monday>>>>??? :confused:

Probably update BIOS and drivers from AMD.com

sorry dizzy im a noob again here lol, when do i update drivers? After installing the new cpu? Could you give me a link please? Am looking here;http://www.amd.com/us-en/Processors/TechnicalResources/0,,30_182_871_13118,00.html

Have download the dual core optimiser and the ‘AMD Athlonâ„¢ 64 X2 Dual Core Processor Driver for Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 Version (x86 and x64 exe) -’.

go here, www.amd.com click on downloads/drivers then click on amd x2 drivers then click on amd 64xs processor driver for your os, being windows xp most likely then after your processor is installed, install the driver, if you already have a amd driver installed for your single core processor you need to go to add/remove programs and get rid of it first. The new driver is to enable the operating system to use cool and quiet technology as well as tell it how to use the two cores, i.e. in task manager under performance you will see two processor windows instead of a single one.

Keep in mind the processor will only show 50 percent usage typically when you have a single application running that is processor intensive, unless of course it is multithreaded. Programs that are multi threaded include nero, roxio among others.

Just remember only one core will be used for a process, if you see both cores going and only one application running its multi threaded, if you have multiple programs running one program will use one core, For example if you are running a virus scan and also running defrag, one will use core 1 other will use core 2.

Hope this helps. i just upgraded myself from a 3500+ to a x2 3800+ The speed increase while multi tasking is amazing. You have to work to get the processor bogged down. I have my processor over clocked to 2.475 Ghz so the speed is even more incredible. That is higher then the 4600+ I had to under clock my ram though to 333 to keep the ram speed down in order for it to work, but it does1

do i put the X2 in and THEN uninstall the old drivers then install new ones? Or uninstall the old drivers, install the new ones with my 3500 still in, reboot, install X2?

Well what I did personally is power down the system, take out the old proc, install new one. Boot up, uninstall old processor driver. Then install new one, restart and look for two processor activity windows in task manager under the performance tab.

From what I can tell, your motherboard nativly supports x2 processors so you should be able to just throw it in and go. A bios update might improve performance (or might not, see if one is avalable). As far as other drivers, someone corect me if I am wrong, but the processor should be usable so it doesn’t matter at which point you install them, as long as the get installed.
My general proceedure for any equipment though is, remove the old drivers with the old equipment. Shut down the computer (not reboot). change equipment. Total removal will finish (if nessasary) on restart. It will find new equipment and start a driver install. Make sure it goes to your drivers and let it install. If it restarts and doesn’t ask for drivers. go and see it it installed drivers (in device manager) and change them to your drivers.
I’m not really farmiliar with the amd drivers though so maybe there is something diffrent. As long as your os is backed up (a good idea anyway when changing major equipment), you are not going to hurt anything if you do it wrong. It will most liklly run a default mode till you install the correct drivers.

Opps, beat by cranbers by 3 minutes, but base on what he says, it seems even less critical (the order you do things wont mess things up).

my bios is the latest, after my bios i have,there are beta bios’s and am wary of them.