What do I need to burn ps2 games

Hello My Name is Denise not sure if I’m in the right place or not but I was wondering what I need to burn a ps2 game and also what kind of disk do i need to use .
Thank you for any help:)

I think you first need a proper reader to make a proper backup (game).
Then use alcohol, imgburn or another good software to burn them.

Use Imbgurn to create an image of the game then use Imgburn to burn the image. A drive like a Pioneer 116D will do fine at reading and writing, in fact any good dvd burner will do. For media use -R dvds as the compatibility is better especially in older model PS2’s. Last thing is booting your PS2 backups this can be done either by having a chip installed in the PS2, a set of swap magic discs or free memory card boot + esr. I believe the memory card + esr doesn’t work on the very latest PS2’s.