What do I need to backup Sims 2 DVD?




Am an new here and I have absolutle no clue were i should post this so anyway. I am going to get sims 2 tonight and i downloads a120% Jackle and clone cd 5. Wich one should i use to backup the dvd version?? I would rather copy the dvd. If i am going to copy it. Then i got a hp dvd movie write dc4000. If i can’t copy it then can i back it up to the hard drive and play it off the drive. If you need more info then say so please.



i found this thread it should sort you out


Thanks but it didn’t really help. DO you know of a way just to copy it to the hard drive and do it like a virtual drive?


Also one other thing. Do you know of a way to copy kohan 2. I got a copy of the orginal game from a friend and i want to back it up so i can put it on my other computer. So can i just back it up to the hard drive as well or should i copy it and how? Thanks



you could down load the cdfreaks of line help guide i havent made back-ups of eather of the games you mentioned, so cant tell you how. i`ve used the guide and it helped me backup my games.


http://www.farstone.com/gamecenter/query.asp if you are having the same trouble go and download this. You need to have a backup copy of the game you are trying to play. As long as it burns successfully you are good. You have to creat virtual drives and the program lets you do that. It’s a 30 day trial but i love it. It worked on kohan 2 and Home World 2.