What do I need to backup PS2 games?



I was told by a friend that you can copy PS2 Games if you have the right hardware…If you have anything tht can help me plase emai me the links and info/

Plae and thank you :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:


Preferable Bloodrayne 2 and Devil May Cry 3

an any other


Did you tell him you have to chip the PS2?


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You have to get your PS2 chipped for it to be able to play copied discs. Copying from what I know is pretty simple. Use DVD Decrypter to read iso to your hard disc and then write back onto a blank DVD


Do you have any links… Where or how do you get it chipped


Thank you for your help


Depends on what country you are from. Google Playstation 2 chipped



They should just come up with a better format if they wanted us to not copy them. Whatever happened to the cartridge, I still have my original NES – you can throw them around, they rarely work, it’s great.


Thanx i am from the us… So i need to buy a mod chip and install it


Asid is right about the coping part it is real simple but as far as haveing to have a chip there are other methods as well. You can use a swap disk with a slide card or get a flip top case or if you dont like that you can try HD Advance or HD loader. Just google all these names that I have mentioned. The best way IMO is by hard drive with one of the HD programs that way you dont have to use the disk and can store then for safe keeping. If you dont want to mod it yourself you can find websites that will do it for you for a fee

Try to look over at http://afterdawn.com or http://ps2nfo.com also try to look at http://modchip.com or http://www.divineo.com/cgi-bin/div-us/index.html

hope this helps



Do you think that i could use that



Or this


I dont fully usnerstand the swap disk method
or flip top


the first link will work and the second one at ebay I hope you noticed that it said USED. remember you get what you pay for. If you dont want to solder your self and you want something simple i would go with the slide card. It is easy and works on almost every game. If you are wanting to make a copy of GT4 though dont count on it right away with the swap magic but everything else is good


Ok i need something easy…but i dont really understand how swap magic works…thanx for your help


The swap method is where you use the first disk (swap disk ) to boot off of and then the screen will prompt you when to swap disk and to do that you have to use the slide card to hook a little tab inside to disengage the the tray so you can pull it out or the flip top case you dont have to use the slide tool just the swap disk


The modchip.com site if you pay for there $3 shipping it will or should take about 10 buisness days. to get it that is what it took for me and Im in Texas when I got one for my xbox i did the ups shipping and it was alot faster


I wouldnt get that chip off ebay cos (any) chips arnt spose to be sold on there. Ebay could pull the auction easly.