What do i need to back up a playstation 2 game?

Hi big help i have several dvd burn programes but which one will i need to make a back up of a playstation 2 game?

I have dvd shrink,nero,vso to dvd,convertxtodvd,
Someone told me that nero will do it no problem,then i have heard that i nedd dvd decrypter?

“convertxtodvd” is not the kind of program you could use.

Any general dvd copying program can do so. Nero or Dvd Decrypter will do just fine. [You will need a mod chip or other boot method though.]

Thanks just looking for a place where i can have my playstation to get fitted to play the disc’s now.

I use K3B on Linux. Most CD/DVD burning software should be able to copy PS2 games. You know that an unmodified PS2 won’t play backups?

I use nero just do a 1 to 1 copy and then use to swap magic on me ps2 to load the game been backing my games up like this since i got it and never had any trouble hope that help :wink: