What do I need for a DVBS2 HTPC?

Good evening.

I currently own a Nokia satellite decoder with which I watch satellite channels, both free-to-air and encrypted(using a CAM and an original subscription of course) . I would like to build my own HTPC to replace the Nokia and plug-it with a 37" LCD. What I want to do is:

a) Watch free-to-air satellite channels
b) Watch encrypted satellite channels
c) Record what I’m watching on a hard disk drive

I read that I will need two DVBS2 cards(such as the Technotrend 3200) to watch and record at the same time but how does it work from the satellite dish point of view? How am I supposed to send two signals, one to each card?

Also, let’s say that I everything is up and running and I am watching two channels at the same time, is there a remote control with which I can control everything such as maximizing/restoring windows?

Finally, how powerful shall the PC and video card be?

Thank you for your kind answers.

PS: I’m in Europe.

Send 2 signals???

Receive 2 signals.

You need AT LEAST a Twin LNB for 1 Sat-position and 2 Receivers/cards.
With more, you NEED Twin, Quad, Quattro LNBs and Diseqc or Multiswitches!

Just google for Diseqc or the sat wiki.

The computer would have to be very powerful because of two HD cards…
I would recommend a Radeon HD 2600 XT card, 2 or more GB RAM, lots of HDD space and a powerful CPU like CoreDuo 6600 upwards or AMD 6000 upwards.

Send two signals from the dish to the cards so they can receive the signal … erm, nevermind I think we agreed :slight_smile:

On my way reading on Diseqc, thanks mate :wink:


Done - so let’s say I decide to motorize the dish, I would need one “Twin-output” LNB which provides two outputs to feed both TechnoTrend cards. Am I right?

Kind of.

A Twin LNB/LNC which has of course 2 outputs, each one for a receiver directly.
You also need a signal cable to the dish to send the motoring commands…
Your computer and cards need enough power to output the signals to the motor/dish.

Of course only 1 card/software can make usage of the motorized dish features…from who to where it waves, to which sat position.

You really necessary need a software which has that motorized dish feature -> Diseqc 1.2 or USALS.

Maybe AltDVB 2.2 would work for you.

Again, thank you for the replies mate.

Actually, I was told that no PCI card can produce enough current to drive a dish motor so I was pondering keeping the Nokia receiver just for the sake of turning the dish.

What do you think?

Huh, who told you that?

I would disagree, it depends on the cable, length of the cable, power consumption of the LNB and the card/software itself.

Of course it is possible.