What do I need and what is the best media server?



Please don’t be mad if this has been asked before. My search found only dated info and I figured there might be better/newer ways to do this. Here’s the deal: I just got a new Sony Bravia KDL-60EX700 thanks to finding out that my old Sony HD RPTV had a defective part and Sony was making reparations after a class action lawsuit. Anyone with a Sony RPTV with dots or problems should look into it. $725 for a 60" LED LCD wireless ready TV ain’t bad. Anyway, I bought the required Sony wireless adapter and get Netflix and some other streaming videos thru my computer. What I would like to do is be able to watch the movies I ripped to my hard drive, on my tv. What do I need to do this and what is the best cheap/free software to use. Do I need any hardware etc. Thanks in advance for any help.


What about getting a media player like this?


I have the same or similar media player that Geno linked to and that would be my suggestion for quick and cheap as well. There also is a strong hacking community with the live and live plus version that make them do even more.
For around 100 bucks it’s a no brainer if it fits your needs. Others make similar units, and much more expensive units so if that sounds llike a good idea do some googleing and see what suits you best.
Everything you should need to make it work is in the box, the networking part can be tricky but there are workarounds for that that work as well. I hardly bother to burn disks anymore as I just stream or play it directly from one of the external USB drives I added later:bigsmile:


I was thinking about the WD or Roku if there wasn’t a cheap software solution. Anyone have any experience with Servio or Playon or any other software servers? Has anyone tried the WD or Roku with a Sony Bravia DNLA type tv? I know I had to buy the proprietary Sony wireless adapter because Sony fixed it that no others would work with their tvs. Thanks.


Well the live and live plus support wired networking only though I’m sure you could add something to make it work as far as I know. I have never tried wireless and just run a cable from my router to the Live here and pretty much as soon as I figured out how to get it to properly share things it was good to go.
They also make the Hub that includes a built in 1 or 2 TB drive for more money. It hasn’t got any hacks because they locked out any modded firmwares but they do work fine as long as your happy with them as they sit and want the drive built in rather then getting a USB drive later. It has HDMI and component outs through various dongle cables and ports.


If you need a wireless solution, maybe you can take a look at the Asus player :slight_smile: