What Do I do with cue & Bin files?

I just downloaded a software in 7 RAR files & when I extracted them in a folder it gave me 2 files namely .cue & .Bin.

Now I don’t know what to do.

I have Sonic CD/DVD writer software.

I also just downloaded Alcohol 120% but have not installed it or ever used it.

I read that I should burn them on a CD.

Should I burn them as two files or just one folder ?

What would I get on a CD after burning it & what should I do with it ?

Thank You.

Read the software supplier’s instructions. :slight_smile:

Hi & Welcome.

The bin file is a disc image file & the cue file is basically a descriptor of that image.

You need to open the cue file in a burning app like Nero & then burn it to a CD. The Nero option is “Burn image to disc”

I just read up on BIN file & extracted it using WinISO program. It gave me a bunch of folder & an exe file.

So the exe will do the job of installation ?

I also converted the BIN file to an ISO Image.


Do I still need to burn it ?

tropic :

Good advice tropic. Did you forget to follow your own advice when you asked the question " Is there any way to tell DVD2SVCD not to run the bbMPEG mux when creating DVD video? " on this forum about the same time 2 years ago on 26-11-2004 ?

And I thought you were born with the " LIFE " manual.

Behave please.

With a bin file or an ISO file you can mount it on a virtual drive like Daemon Tools & treat it just like a CD.

Having extracted as you’ve done I guess you could just run the the exe, although the exe might expect the folders to be sitting at the root of the drive. Generally I’d just mount the bin/iso file.

@ georgetok

In my experience legit software isn’t downloaded in multi-volume rar archives, so I was being snide. I apologize for that. :doh:

Anyway, .bin + .cue combinations are often used to store a disc image. The .bin file normally contains the source data, while the .cue contains instructions on how to interpret the data.

You can simply load the .cue file in most burning applications (Nero, etc.) to burn the data to disc. You can also mount the .cue file in a virtual drive application like Daemon Tools to access the data without burning it.

Have fun. And I hope the multi-volume archives aren’t anything like the ones I used to download. :wink: