What do i do about Starforce?



Please bare with me but i cant run two games i just bought and none of the game sites seem to be helping me so i thought i would try you guys

I have the same problem with The moment of silence and still life.
They both install fine but then I can’t get past the copy protection. It says insert disk! When It’s already in there!

The full version of both is installed

Is this a StarForce Copy Protection vs USB drive issue? My internal drive is broke so I must use my external USB DVD drive.

What exactly do I need to do?

This is driving me insane! I just bought both of these games. If anyone out there can help me with this I would be eternally grateful!

I have a Dell Inspiron 8100, Win xp, 1200MHz, 256MB RAM, ATI MOBILITY RADEON 7500 (Omega 2.6.25a), 64.0 MB and a 16x external dvd rom drive.

Thanks to anyone in advance



If you are trying to run it from a USB Drive you will probably have to disable your IDE CD Drives first. I would use a program like StarForce Nightmare.


Ok, thanks.

But just from other fourms i heard that that can delate your drivers and wreck your machine. is that the best program for me to use?


And by the way would no-cd crack work?


The StarForce driver itself has been known to wreck people’s machines. So since you already took that risk once, I suppose it won’t hurt that much to take it again with SFN. At least I didn’t have problems with it.

As for nocd cracks, they are supposed to work. However, right now StarForce is proving to be a hard nut to crack, and often than not the nocd cracks you find won’t work. Of course, no harm’s done by trying cracks, just be sure they are clean first.


Unless of course you consider the legal aspect which prohibits the use of them in most countries.
Not to mention that it is a big NO-NO to discuss them or their use here.


At this moment, buying games protected with Starforce 3 is not a good idea because they show incompatibity issues with most systems and some of these games require very high hardware requeriments to run them without problems.


From what I understand, “using nocd cracks” isn’t illegal as long as you own the software. What’s illegal is the process of cracking it. That involves editing codes/strings that are other people’s property and redistributing them, thus illegal. I’m no lawyer, so I could be wrong.

I agree with you that cracks should be kept out of cdfreaks though. Google is a good enough source for them, so no point in providing them here. However the thread starter didn’t ask for one (and I didn’t give him one either). He just wondered if he should try one.


It turns out you are wrong.


I have used SFN without problems. Just make sure that you don’t disable the channel that has Windows on it.