What do errors mean in Plextools?

I ripped this CD recently and even when set to 5. Recover the best bytes (least errors) per sector, I ended up with 27 errors on my last track. Are these CU errors? I thought these are uncorrectable errors. However, I did not hear any pops or clicks when listening to this track via headphones. Is the laser able to compensate for CU errors or are these errors something else?

Yes they are uncorrectable errors but, if you use one of the recover options (sector or byte based), PlexTools will use the sectors or bytes with the least amount of errors to re-assemble the original data. Don’t ask me for technical details since I don’t know them nor am I an audio freak. For more info on doing DAE with PlexTools: http://users.tpg.com.au/chirano/index.htm

I guess if they are uncorrectable errors, as I suspected, why is there not any pops or clicks? I thought cdps could not correct CU errors.

Just because the drive cannot read the digital data perfectly doesn’t mean that your ears will be able to hear the difference - it depends on how serious the glitch is. Remember that there are 44 thousand samples every second, so a lot of these have to be bad for you to hear a pop or click.

So what does the circuitry do when it encounters a few CU errors (27 in my case)? Does it blend the music in the bad sectors from the last known good sector to the next?