What do CDex Status Codes Mean

Using CDex, I sometimes get X1 or X2 in the status column.

I understand that “A” = abort.

I can sometimes listen to the *.wav created with “X1” in the status column with no audible errors.

X2 status “errors” often cause an audible error in the produced *.wav file.

What do these codes mean?
I’ve found no mention of them in the help file.


found on french speech forum, X1 means that cdex made an error during the encoding; X2 two errors, and so on.
The forum page is:
the question was:
le program fonctionne super bien et il est tres simple à utiliser, est-ce ke quelqu’un peut m’expliquer pourquoi parfois, quand on encode, dans la colonne “statut”, il ne fait pas écrit “ok” mais “X1” ou “X2”…? [I](The software works very well and it’s easy to use, but anyone can explain why sometimes, in the “status” column, it isn’t written “ok” but “X1” or “X2”?)[/I]the answer to this question is:
ok = pas d’erreur ;x10 = 10 erreurs ;x2 = 2 erreurs…
[I](ok=no errors; X10= 10 errors…)[/I]