What do all the file extensions mean?

I remember a guide in this forum that explained all the different file extensions for video/audio. Like ISO, AVI, BUF etc. Could anyone direct me to the thread again. Thank you.

P.S. I used the search tool for 1/2 hour without any success. Newbie, what do you want. :confused:

i have just had a look but can’t help on that front but if you want to know what a certain file type is i will be happy to help

If youve got oodles of time on your hands look here:File Extensions

2 posts up or 5 down from the top is a thread called File names - what the hell they are. Is this what you seek?

No … I am looking for a thread that explained all the file extensions. For example, it explained what a .BUF file was, an ISO etc… I could be wrong and saw it on another forum.

Thanks for the help.