What DMA rate is GSA-4163 supposed to be?



Hi i have a GSA-4163 connected to a Promise Ultra100 TX2 PCI card (2 ports of ultra100)

IDE Port 1 (Master no other device) is my Pioneer DVR-109
IDE Port 2 (Master no other device) is my LG GSA-4163

In the Promise startup BIOS

The Pioneer is reported as DMA 4
the LG is reported as DMA 2

I find it hard to believe this LG is a DMA 2 mode device? Iv’e seen pics onthe web showin this device as DMA 3 so is my Promise card reporting the incorrect speed? Im using a very high quality shielded 80 wire cable. I tried a cheepo 80 wire ribbon cable as well, still only reported as DMA 2

Thanks inadvance


Yes, LG is UDMA 2, and Pioneer 109 is UDMA 4.


hrm, yeah ok. Just verified this as well by connecting the LG to the Intel ICH6 IDE controller… reports the same mode…hrm I guess this partially explains why the Pioneer rips alot faster.


That isn’t the case. Even UDMA 2 is enough for full speed 16x transfer.


Either UDMA2 or UDMA4. Not all GSA-4163B’s are limited to UDMA2.

Whether it’s UDMA2 or UDMA4 has virtually no meaning on anything a DVD writer drive does. The latest Intel controller chipset for HDD and ODD drives is ICH7 and ICH7R. ICH7® supports both the conventional P-ATA and the relatively new and modern S-ATA including S-ATA II 3Gbps and Blu-ray and HD-DVD are being further delayed primarily due to the disagreements between Sony (and other Blu-ray founders) and Toshiba (and other HD-DVD supporters.)


The limited ripping speed of LG DVD writers is the result of LG policy not to allow fast ripping. But exactly what do you mean by saying Pioneer DVR-A09 rips “a lot faster” than LG GSA-4163B?


For a DL pressed disc my times are :

LG 4163 = 17.32 mins

Pioneer 109 = 11.29 mins

Philips 1640 (with SpeedPatch) = 9.59 mins.


With Pioneer DVR-A06 and DVR-A08, it was probably more like around 15-17 minutes from my memory. Either A09 has a lot faster ripping speed (than Pioneer’s own previous models) or most A09/109 users have ripping speed unlocked. :slight_smile: At least from GSA-4120B to GSA-4163B, LG drives rip just at such speeds (17.** minutes per disc.) I have only A05 and A08.


AFAIK, the A109 and the 109XL are rip speed unlocked out of the box - mine was.

Although the locked ones can be cross flashed - with loss of warranty, I assume?


Nice of Pioneer to have seen the light.


Be nice if LG could see the same light :bigsmile:


They have different eyes. :slight_smile: (And the ones who have the right eyes are confined in labs without any light.)