What DL DVD Burner

I’m not a n00b, but am wallowing in confusion after reading the “too much information” content in other areas of the forum - I’m a “needs must” type of computer geek and just need to know what drives are worth considering, and which ones need definite boycotting… :wink:

A few months back I shelled out bigtime on a Plextor PX-716sa slot loading DVD burner and thought I’d be fine for a few years - but how dissappointed I was (last time I will touch Plextor with a bargepole!) because the drive would fail to recognise all sorts of media when inserted, making it necessary to physically “unscrew” the eject mechanism (blank media and pressed DVD’s of undoubtable quality!) and then sometimes glitched when writing - ejecting a disk and reporting everything was fine when it had only written about half the data!

To cut a long story short, after flashing it to the latest firmware, and using many different DVD software programs for playback and burning - I RMA’d it, and hey presto the replacement exhibited precisely the same behaviour… :frowning:

Pure crap, so my apologies in advance to the geezer that just bought it off me on ebay…

The question is - what to replace it with?

I have been reading the forum, I swear… but LOL… where does one start, every thread has someone recommending a particular drive, and along comes another member and says that black is white and that unit is shite… :confused:

What do I want with a drive? Well, I need to copy D9 movies, and I need to write data to single layer DVD’s/CD’s too. I play D9 disks frequently and that is about it. I have no use for DVD-RAM.

Oh, and my computer is black…

I’m in the UK, and the usual place grab my hardware offers a choice of some twenty drives at the present - some of which are mentioned here in other threads, for good or bad… (am I allowed to pimp the url in here???)


Anyway - I’d really appreciate some pointers and recommendations… and if it makes any difference my hardware is built around a Springdale-G mainboard with 3.2Ghz Northwood CPU and 2Ghz of XMS 400Mhz RAM (all super air cooled…) plus a Sapphire 9600 AGP card etc…

If reflashing or anything is recommended please state the advantages and the source of the mod’ BIN or whatever format flash files… :wink:

Well guys, that said… I’m gonna sit back and watch the thread… :bigsmile: